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GLIN==> SEMINAR, July 13 - Ann Arbor


GLERL, Conference Room 105
2205 Commonwealth Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI

Friday, July 13, 10:30 am
GLERL Conference Room 105

"Real-time monitoring experiences in the coastal waters in Korea: implementation and scientific application"

Dr. Young Jae Ro
Department of Oceanography, Chungnam National University, Taejon, Republic of Korea


This study describes the history of the realtime monitoring experiences in the Kangjin Bay, South Sea, Korea in terms of the system components and its implementation and maintenance, data quality control and analysis and oceanographic applications.  The system consists of three major parts: a data logger with an array of sensors for water quality, current and meteorological conditions; a wireless data communication device equipped with cdma module; and a local power source (solar panel and battery).  The system has been operating continuously starting from early 2001 and the data array is published on the web page (http://oceaninfo.co.kr) on a realtime basis. The data quality is controlled and checked both in realtime and delayed mode to ensure the best possible quality.

Time series of numerous oceanographic parameters are being produced and analyzed for scientific and practical applications including the generation of realtime warning messages. From short term to intra-annual periods, variability of oceanic conditions such as water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, current, and many others are analyzed in term of spectra and multiple correlation. These data are also utilized for numerical model initialization and validation. Ultimately the data array will be a basis for comprehensive understanding of the local ecosystem dynamics. One important application now being emphasized is the generation mechanism of the anoxia in the Kangjin Bay in summer season.

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