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GLIN==> FW: Great Ships Initiative Prototype Solicitation


Great Ships Initiative Opens First Solicitation


July 20, 2007. The Great Ships Initiative (GSI) has released a Prototype Solicitation offering preliminary research services to qualified developers of treatment systems designed to minimize the presence of live organisms, including microbes and viruses, in ballast water discharge from ships of any vessel class part of or comparable to those in Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System (GLSLSS) trade.


For more complete information and to apply, please click on the links below. Applications are due by August 6, 2007. The estimated start date for work is September 17, 2007.


The GSI is a collaborative effort to end the problem of ship-mediated invasive species in the GLSLSS  through independent research and demonstration of environmental technology, financial incentives and consistent basin-wide harbor monitoring. To that end, the GSI offers integrated research facilities and services to support development of effective and commercially viable ballast treatment systems. The GSI is managed jointly by the Northeast-Midwest Institute, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and American Great Lakes Ports Association.


Direct any questions regarding the application process for this prototype RFP to Allegra Cangelosi, 202-464-4007 (acangelo@nemw.org) or Gillian Harris, 415-778-0999, ext 233 (gillian.harris@nfwf.org). Applicant inquiries will be consolidated daily (without affiliation information) and responses sent to all interested applicants. To receive these daily digests of inquiries and responses please contact nmays@nemw.org.


Prototype Solicitation: http://www.nfwf.org/GSIapplication


Great Ships Initiative: http://www.greatshipsinitiative.org