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GLIN==> Great Lakes Photo Contest Winners Announced . . .

Great Lakes Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Great Lakes Forever and Anheuser-Busch are pleased to announce the winners of our 2007 Great Lakes Photo Contest. More than 65 amateur and professional photographers entered nearly 150 photos in June. Six photos were selected for online voting in July. More than 250 people voted, selecting the winners in both the professional and amateur categories.

First place winners in each category will be featured on special Budweiser coasters to be printed and distributed around the Great Lakes this August. All six photos will be featured on a special Great Lakes awareness poster, also to be released later this month. Anheuser-Busch also donated prizes - including Trek bikes for first place, stainless steel coolers for second place, and portable camp grills for third place - to be distributed to photographers in each category. Congratulations to the all the winners and thanks to everyone who submitted photos and voted in the contest!   See all the winning entries online at:  http://www.greatlakesforever.org/html/news/photocontestwinners.htm

Great Lakes Forever/Anheuser-Busch Photo Contest Winners - 2007


Amateur Division:


1st:        Dave Poortvliet – Sunset and Dune Grass

2nd:       Mike Clemens – View of Green Bay from Sven’s Bluff in Peninsula State Park

3rd:        Cari Kienitz - Grand Haven Pier Sunset


Professional Division:


1st:        Derrick Burbul – Apostle Islands

2nd:       Donald Arcuri – Tall Ships Festival, Cleveland Harbor

3rd:        Karena Jousma – Sailboat and Big Red Lighthouse


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