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GLIN==> Latest Twine Line Online

Latest Ohio Sea Grant’s Twine Line is Now Online


In this Issue….


  • Ohio Sea Grant Researcher Carol Stepien’s Fish DNA Research in CSI Lake Erie: Using DNA to Monitor Fish Populations
  • Regional Program Feature: Great Lakes Observing System
  • Nerodio Kids Day 2007: Educating the Next Generation
  • Stone Lab’s Herpetology Open House
  • Sea Grant Staff Awards
  • Stone Lab Featured in Lake Erie Documentary
  • Stone Lab Guest Lectures Now Online as Streaming Video and Podcasts
  • Stone Lab Scholarships
  • FOSL Winter Program and Silent Auction
  • Sea Grant’s License Plate Available


To view the issue online, go to http://www.ohioseagrant.osu.edu/_documents/twineline/v29i2.pdf