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GLIN==> Great Lakes Researchers: Join the One-Stop Information Network

September 10, 2007

Source: Jeff Reutter (614) 292-8949; reutter.1@osu.edu

Great Lakes Researchers: Join the One-Stop Information Network

Great Lakes research scientists are invited to join a new online network (www.glrrin.info) that connects them with potential collaborators, upcoming workshops and funding sources. The Great Lakes Regional Research Information Network (GLRRIN) provides one-stop shopping for research information.

Great Lakes research takes place through a variety of organizations and institutions, both in the U.S. and Canada. "GLRRIN is bi-national network designed to foster research coordination within the Great Lakes region by enhancing communication and collaboration among agencies and research scientists," said Jeff Reutter, Ohio Sea Grant director and one of four regional coordinators of GLRRIN. GLRRIN includes an individual network of researchers and organizations for each Great Lake, and an overall network for the Great Lakes region.

GLRRIN is led by four bi-national coordinators for each lake (two from academia and two from federal or provincial agencies) and an overall group of four for the region.

The network was initiated and is currently funded by NOAA and the NOAA Sea Grant College Program, however, it is structured to encourage support from all agencies and organizations in the Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes Commission is hosting the GLRRIN web site through its Great Lakes Information Network. Other contributing partners include the U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office and the International Joint Commission.

GLRRIN is based on the Lake Erie Millennium Network (LEMN), which was created in 1998 to provide a single point of contact for scientists on Lake Erie. "Through LEMN, we have set priorities, developed strategies, and have brought together academic and agency scientists," said Reutter. "It's helpful for academic scientists, especially younger scientists, to understand how Great Lakes management organizations work."

The new GLRRIN web site is up and running, although much more information will be added over the coming weeks. The regional site and the individual lake sites provide the latest research news and upcoming events as well as a spotlight on a specific researcher and a research topic.

Through the GLRRIN site, researchers will be able to find comprehensives lists of agencies and organizations involved in Great Lakes management and research funding. They can discover potential collaborators and link to the International Joint Commission's research inventory database to search Great Lakes projects. Researchers can go online or sign up for email updates to get the latest information on upcoming conferences, research news and funding opportunities.

If you would like to join the GLRRIN network or would like more information, visit the web site at www.glrrin.info or contact Jeff Reutter at reutter.1@osu.edu or Jill Jentes Banicki at jentes.1@osu.edu.

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