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GLIN==> For Immediate Release: Kids at a Convention? Family Day @ Bioneers

For Immediate Release
Sarna Salzman, Outreach Coordinator

Kids at a Convention?
Saturday is Family Day at Bioneers!
Everyday is family-friendly at Great Lakes Bioneers, but Saturday, October 20th will be special.  The day starts with renowned experiential educator and director of Ecology Education at Chatfield School, Peter McCreedy who will keynote in Milliken Auditorium.  McCreedy was the 2005 recipient of an “Outdoor Classroom” grant awarded by the MI Department of Education. 
We’ll also feature:
q      Family friendly workshops
q      Infant and toddler clothing swap
q      Musical jam session with members of the Earthwork Music Collective
q      Quiet space for nursing and naps
q      Colorful, rambunctious areas and art projects
q      Televised access to the keynote speakers throughout NMC’s campus
q      Easy access to the beautiful campus grounds at our NMC location
q      Free admission to those under 12
“We won’t participate in an event that doesn’t welcome our kids as well,” says Amy Daniels-Moehle, 2007 NMEAC Volunteer Environmentalist of the Year and conference organizer this year.
To register, or for more information about this year’s speakers, workshops, and events see our website: www.glbconference.org or call 800.220.1415. 
The Hosts
The Neahtawanta Center is a place of peace and rejuvenation. The Center’s primary focus is education, communication, community building, and organizing.
SEEDS works on projects that lessen our ecological footprint through Engineering & Design, Capacity Building & Networking, and Arts & Education.
is a forum for connecting the environment, health, social justice, and spirit within a broad progressive framework.  Information about our national partner is at: www.bioneers.org
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