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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 21 September 2007

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What's New & Notable
21 September 2007

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$50 Billion in Economic Benefit Hinge on Restoration of Great Lakes

Each year, Rust Belt states average less than 2 percent of new growth, yet Great Lakes states are home to one-third of the nation's population and produce one-third of the gross state product. Developing America's North Coast: A Benefit Cost Analysis of a Great Lakes Infrastructure Program, promises that fulfilling the $26 billion investment to implement the GLCS would actually produce $50 billion in long term economic benefits.

Superior Trails and fall colors

With summer drawing to a close, fall colors will soon be adorning the Great Lakes region. In Wisconsin, the South Shore Lake Superior Circle Tour is recommended from Superior to the Montreal River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. There are many parks with waterfalls and gorgeous scenery on this route, including Pattison State Park, which contains the Big Manitou Falls with its 165-foot drop - the highest falls in Wisconsin.

Geologic Journey: The Great Lakes

Geologic Journey: The Great Lakes tells the story of the dramatic changes in the geologic history and landscape of this region. Audiences are shown the roots of a long vanished mountain range, explore the remains of a tropical salt-water sea, and trace the story of a sudden massive flood that drowned vast areas of land.

Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region

What will global warming mean for our region? The "Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region" seminar series provides a forum to begin this important discussion. The Effects of Climate Change on the Fish and Fisheries of the Great Lakes Basin will be the topic of the next seminar at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Sept. 24.

Minnesota Environmental Initiative

The Minnesota Environmental Initiative builds innovative partnerships to develop solutions to Minnesota's environmental problems. They work with nonprofit, business and government partners to develop consensus on critical issues and move toward action that has positive environmental impacts.

The North American Ecotourism Conference

Madison, Wis., is the location for The International Ecotourism Society's (TIES) second conference focused on ecotourism in North America, September 26 - 28. The three-day conference will bring together hundreds of ecotourism experts, government officials, and travel/hospitality industry practitioners working toward responsible tourism.

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