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GLIN==> US Army Corps of Engineers to hold October meeting to kick-off Upper Maumee and St. Marys River Watershed Managemenmt Study

To all intersted parties,

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been directed by Congress to conduct a comprehensive watershed study of the Western Lake Erie Basin, including the Upper Maumee and St. Marys River sub-watersheds.  The study will detail watershed problems relating to flood control, navigation, water quality, recreation, and fish and wildlife habitat.  The study will also explore possible solutions to these problems, emphasizing comprehensive solutions that may alleviate several problems across the watershed.  For this effort to be successful, local input is extremely important.  Recognizing that the local stakeholder has more knowledge of water-related issues and problems that exist in the Upper Maumee and St. Marys River watersheds, we are asking that any interseted party attend our kickoff meeting to be held at the following:

                                                        Fort Wayne City-County Bldg
                                                        One East Main Street, Room 200
                                                        Fort Wayne, Indiana  46802
                                                        Tuesday, October 30th
                                                        6:00 to 9:00 PM  (Eastern Time)

The room is referred to as the Omni Room.  It is located on the second floor of the City-County Building.  The building is at the northwest corner of Main Street and Superior Street.

Note that this meeting is for the Upper Maumee and St. Marys River watersheds only.  Future meetings will be held to discuss other watersheds in the basin.  We ask that you come prepared to discuss problems and possible solutions that you, the stakeholder, would like to see considered to improve the quality of the Upper Maumee and St. Marys River watersheds.  It would also be beneficial to inform us of any similar studies currently underway, or recently completed that involve the Upper Maumee and St. Marys watersheds.   

If you have any questions regarding this study or meeting, please contact Charles Gould at 313-226-3365 or charles.r.gould@lre02.usace.army.mil. 

Charles Gould
Regional Economist
US Army Corps of Engineers
Detroit District