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GLIN==> Press release: Learn about cool creatures of the Salmon River October 6 in Richland, NY

Title: Press release: Learn about cool creatures of the Salmon River October 6 in Richland, NY
PRESS RELEASE: Use before October 6, 2007
Contact:   Mary Penney, Salmon River Steward Program, NY Sea Grant, 315-312-3042
Learn about Cool Creatures of the Salmon River October 6 in Richland

Richland, NY -- What animal that lives along the Salmon River uses built-in antifreeze to survive the winters? Which two local wildlife species use biological sonar mechanisms? What animal can hold its breath for eight minutes? Which species changes color to blend into the natural background?

The cool adaptations of wildlife that make it possible for them to live along the Salmon River is the topic of a program by Salmon River Steward Luke Lewis on Saturday, October 6 at 10 am at the Halfshire Historical Society at 1100 County Route 48 in Richland, NY (Oswego County). This free program will provide a fascinating look at the unique abilities of many different species known to live in the Salmon River area.

Using wildlife mounts and photos, Lewis will share information on the only mammal with the true ability to fly, a mammal that appears to fly, two species that use different types of sonar mechanisms, the “chameleon of the frog world,” and some common and not-so-commonly seen species all found along the Salmon River.

“This program is free and appropriate for all ages. We especially invite scout, nature clubs, 4-H and other youth groups to attend,” says Salmon River Steward Program Coordinator Mary Penney.

The Cool Creatures of the Salmon River Corridor program is presented by the Salmon River Steward Program, a collaborative effort managed by New York Sea Grant in cooperation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, The Nature Conservancy, and New York State Parks.

For more information, contact Steward Program Coordinator Mary Penney at 315-312-3042. # # #