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GLIN==> US Steel - Gary Indiana

Some of you heard about controversies about the BP
Refinery in Whiting Indiana.....Another very large
water pollution source to Lake Michigan of multi-state concern is
US Steel at Gary IN.   Attached are just filed comments on
their Draft NPDES permit renewal which was a collaborative
work effort of me and Natural Resources Defence Council
Attorney Ann Alexander in the Chicago NRDC office.

The US Steel permit expired in
1999 and is just now being renewed and they want to have another
5 years before they comply with Great Lakes Water Quality Standards:


Indiana's 2007 Draft Permit renewal would drop or relax several
effluent limitations and compliance schedules to which the plant
was previously subject under their 1994 permit.

Warning....large file at a couple megabytes and 88 pages of text and attachments.

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