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GLIN==> FBI Fires Lead into Lake Michigan, Blue Eco Legal Council Files Notice of Intent to Sue

Chicago - October 2, 2007 - The Blue Eco Legal Council today filed a 60 and 90 day notice of intent to sue the Department of Justice, Navy, and Marines for discharging lead bullets into Lake Michigan at the FBI Firearms Training Range in North Chicago, Illinois, property connected to the Great Lakes Naval Base.
According to documents received through Freedom of Information Act requests, this training range is designed to use over 2,900 acres of Lake Michigan as a backstop for discarded bullets. Lake Michigan is a public drinking water source and lead is a persistent bioaccumulative toxin, the discharge of which is banned by federal environmental statutes.
The Executive Branch has abdicated its responsibility to faithfully execute the law by violating the environmental laws through its own operations and at the same time failing to enforce the environmental laws once violated.  The US EPA refuses to enforce the law against a sister agency and the violations continue uncorrected.
Steven B. Pollack, Attorney
Executive Director, Blue Eco Legal Council
3390 Commercial Ave.
Northbrook, IL 60062

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