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GLIN==> Reminder: Applications due November 2 for Wisconsin Coastal Management Grant Program

The Wisconsin Coastal Management Program (WCMP) is soliciting proposals
to enhance, preserve, protect and restore resources within the state's
coastal zone - all counties adjacent to Lakes Superior and Michigan,
with their 820 miles of shoreline.  Please feel free to share this
announcement with others who may be interested.

WCMP Grants are available for coastal land acquisition, coastal wetland
protection and habitat restoration, nonpoint source pollution control,
coastal resource and community planning, Great Lakes education, public
access and historic preservation.  Applications are due November 2,

Applicants are encouraged to contact WCMP staff early to discuss ideas
for project proposals and application requirements.  When developing
proposals, please pay close attention to the following items:

*	Application materials and the Request for Proposals are
available on the WCMP website (http://coastal.wisconsin.gov). 

*	There is a cost-share requirement of non-federal funds for all
projects.  Matching funds may be in the form of in-kind contributions.
*	For acquisition, habitat restoration and construction projects,
be sure to include copies of all required permits or permit applications
and title documentation with the application materials.  For all
projects, be sure to include copies of required documentation and
letters of support.