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GLIN==> Blueprint for American Prosperity: Unleashing the Potential of a Metropolitan Nation


Friends and Colleagues,

Stay tuned to the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program for a new initiative, the Blueprint for American Prosperity, that the Metro Program is launching on November 6, 2007.  The Blueprint is a multi-year effort to inform the 2008 presidential election, and policy makers in the new administration and Congress in 2009 and thereafter, regarding federal policy reforms that would promote more productive, inclusive, and sustainable growth in metropolitan America, and ultimately a more prosperous nation.


The Blueprint will have a special focus on the battleground regions of the Great Lakes and the Intermountain West.  It will continue Brookings Metro Program work with political, business, civic, and nonprofit leaders across the Midwest (from Minnesota to Upstate New York) in The Great Lakes Economic Initiative?to advance the agenda set forth in The Vital Center: A Federal-State Compact to Renew the Great Lakes Region, and help the Great Lakes transition from industrial to knowledge-economy leadership.


The Blueprint will also bring new focus to the battleground states of the Intermountain West, who are experiencing their own unique challenges and opportunities created by rapid population, job growth and an influx of immigrants. This effort will tackle such issues as transportation, immigration, affordable housing, and water resources in five emerging-mega areas in five states: Albuquerque, NM; Denver, CO; Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ; and Salt Lake City, UT.


Attached please find an overview of the Blueprint initiative.


And for those of you able to get to DC, below is an invitation to the November 6 Blueprint national launch event at Brookings.  The event will feature an address by Bruce Katz, Vice-President of Brookings and Director of the Metropolitan Policy program. unveiling the initiative, and a panel discussion among a distinguished group of corporate, civic, political, academic, and philanthropic leaders from across the nation about the federal reforms necessary to unleash the full potential of America's metro areas.


The Blueprint will provide additional momentum for bringing the unique economic challenges and opportunities of the Great Lakes region to the fore in national policy discussions.  Stay tuned for more information?and please visit www.brookings.edu/metro for more information, including a revamped web-site for the Great Lakes Economic Initiative at www.brookings.edu/projects/great-lakes.aspx



John Austin

Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Director, Great Lakes Economic Initiative 



As a valued friend of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, I hope that you can join us in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, November 6th (9 a.m. ? 12:30 p.m.) for the launch of our new national competitiveness initiative, Blueprint for American Prosperity: Unleashing the Potential of a Metropolitan Nation.


The Blueprint offers a powerful and compelling argument: The ability of the United States to compete globally and to meet the great economic, environmental, and social challenges of the 21st century rests largely on the health, vitality, and prosperity of the nation?s major cities and metropolitan areas. With a series of thoughtful, provocative papers to be released over the next year, the Blueprint will: a.) demonstrate that metros are the engines of national prosperity and the key to American competitiveness in the global economy; b.) illustrate how many of our outdated, outmoded federal policies are inhibiting the dynamic potential and growth of these metro areas; and c.) present an integrated policy agenda in advance of the 2008 elections, with specific, discrete recommendations on key federal reforms and initiatives needed to foster robust, inclusive, and sustainable growth in America?s metros.


On Tuesday, November 6th ? one year out from the ?08 elections ? we will kick off this ambitious national initiative with a high profile public forum in Washington, D.C. The forum will introduce the Blueprint for American Prosperity and the first of the Blueprint papers, MetroNation: How U.S. Metropolitan Areas Drive American Prosperity, which will make the fundamental case that metropolitan areas are the engines of national prosperity and review the challenges and opportunities that globalization and rapid technological change pose for the American economy.  We will also feature a panel of business, philanthropic, government, and academic leaders who are driving innovation at the metro level talking about their experiences and the types of federal reforms necessary to help foster and support such efforts.


The forum will take place in the Falk Auditorium at the Brookings Institution, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. In the coming week we will be sending out additional details on the launch, but I hope that you will mark your calendar now for this important event.


To RSVP for November 6th, or if you have any questions about the launch, please contact our events manager, Teresa Brown (tbrown@brookings.edu or 202-797-6255).


I hope to see you next month.


Warmest Regards,

Bruce Katz

Vice President & Director

Metropolitan Policy Program


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