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GLIN==> Hold These Dates: Great Lakes Day Feb. 28 and Great Lakes Commission Semiannual Meeting Feb 26-27, 2008

Title: Hold These Dates: Great Lakes Day Feb. 28 and Great Lakes Commission Semiannual Meeting Feb 26-27, 2008

Mark Your Calendars
Great Lakes Day February 28, 2008.
Great Lakes Commission Semiannual Meeting - February 26-27, 2008

The Great Lakes Commission is pleased to announce that Great Lakes Day 2008 will be held in Washington DC on February 28, 2008. This year, Great Lakes Day will be preceded by the Great Lakes Commission’s Semiannual meeting, which will be held in Washington on February 26, beginning at 1 PM through Noon on February 27 at the Palomar Hotel, 2121 P Street NW, Washington DC. Lunch and an afternoon session on February 27 will be held in conjunction with the Healing Our Waters Coalition to brief Great Lakes Day participants on legislative priorities and to prepare for visits to Congressional offices the next day.

Great Lakes Day is an annual event hosted by the Great Lakes Commission and its partners to convey a unified message expressing the Great Lakes region’s priorities for legislation and appropriations to assist in protecting the Great Lakes region’s environment and sustaining our economy. Last year, the Commission, in partnership with the Northeast Midwest Institute, the Council of Great Lakes Governors, the Healing Our Waters Coalition, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, the Mayors of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and tribal representatives brought more than 150 people from the region to Washington. Last year’s event featured an evening reception hosted at the Canadian Embassy, a Congressional Breakfast on Capitol Hill, a legislative hearing on invasive species, a media event and visits to nearly 100 Congressional offices.

Hotel space in Washington at this time of year is limited and very expensive. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Palomar Hotel at the rate of $249, single or double occupancy. Contact the hotel directly at 877-866-3070 to reserve your room.

Please visit http://glc.org/meeting in the coming days for additional meeting details.

Tim Eder, Executive Director
Great Lakes Commission
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Ann Arbor, MI 48104
734-971-9135, ext 101
734-604-7281 (cell)