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GLIN==> New Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal and Call for Abstracts

The National Sea Grant Law Center at the University of Mississippi
School of Law is excited to announce the development of the new Sea
Grant Law and Policy Journal.  It will provide a forum for the timely
discussion and exploration of legal topics of relevance to the Sea Grant
network of extension agents, researchers, coastal managers and users,
and local decision-makers. The Journal will feature concise, 30 - 35
page, articles on a range of subjects including fisheries, coastal
development, coastal access, and pollution. Unlike traditional law
reviews, the Journal will feature more applied research and case
studies. Due to their timeliness and brevity, Sea Grant Law and Policy
Journal articles will be of interest to anyone involved in coastal
management, lawyer and non-lawyer alike.
The Journal will be published on-line on a biannual basis and access
will be free. Each spring, the National Sea Grant Law Center will
sponsor a symposium and invite papers from academics and practitioners
for publication in June. The fall issue, published in December, will
feature law student articles submitted in response to a yearly request
for papers. The Journal's editorial board and outside experts, as
needed, will review all articles prior to publication.
The inaugural symposium, March 25 - 26, 2008 will focus on coastal
resiliency. Coastal resiliency refers to the ability of coastal cities,
towns, and communities to adapt and recover from natural hazards,
including hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, and disease epidemics. Relevant
topics might include land use planning, insurance, emergency management,
risk analysis, and mitigation. Please find attached the Call for
Abstracts for this symposium. Abstracts are due November 20, 2007.
Authors will be notified by December 1, 2007 and expected to write an
article for publication in our June 2008 journal and present at our
first symposium at the University of Mississippi.

The Call for Abstracts and additional information about the Journal and
the Symposium are available at
<http://www.olemiss.edu/orgs/SGLC/National/SGLPJ/SGLPJ.htm>  .. 

Waurene Roberson
Media Coordinator  (662) 915-7775
National Sea Grant Law Center & MS-AL Sea Grant Legal Program