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GLIN==> Fall Advisor online!

Title: Fall Advisor online!

The current issue of the Advisor, the Great Lakes Commission newsletter, is now available online at www.glc.org/advisor/07/advisor_fall07.pdf

Highlights include:
What's causing low levels on the Upper Lakes?
Recommitting to the GLRC
2007 Annual Meeting coverage
Exploring new strategies for maintaining coastal infrastructure
Perspectives: Making the Great Lakes a national priority

To subscribe to the print edition, contact Kirk Haverkamp at the address below. Back issues of the
Advisor, including links to special inserts, are available online at www.glc.org/advisor.

Kirk Haverkamp,
Advisor Editor
Great Lakes Commission
2805 S. Industrial, Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone 734-971-9135