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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 01 December 2007

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What's New & Notable
01 December 2007

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Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

GLIN Site of the Month Located in northwestern Lake Huron, Thunder Bay is adjacent to one of the most treacherous stretches of water within the Great Lakes system. Unpredictable weather, murky fog banks, sudden gales, and rocky shoals earned the area the name "Shipwreck Alley." Today, the 448-square-mile Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary protects one of America's best-preserved and historically significant collections of shipwrecks. The sanctuary fosters public awareness of its resources through scientific research, monitoring, exploration, education and outreach, working cooperatively with its many partners and the public to protect and manage the site.

Superior Science News debuts

Minnesota Sea Grant has teamed up with KUWS Radio to produce programs about Lake Superior science. "Superior Science News" will air on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. every two weeks throughout the winter, beginning Dec. 4. Audio files and transcripts will be offered on www.seagrant.umn.edu.

Hunting in Wisconsin

Wisconsin offers a variety of hunting opportunities - from the big game of white-tailed deer and black bear to the smaller game of wild turkey and waterfowl.

Climate Change and Great Lakes Water Resources

A new report issued this week warns that a warming climate is likely to reduce Great Lakes water supply while increasing water demand both within and outside of the region. Related news release: Passage of Water Compact Essential to Mitigate Impacts of Global Warming, States New National Wildlife Federation Report.

Fisheries Learning on the Web (FLOW)

Fisheries Learning on the Web (FLOW) Four new and revised classroom lessons help educators and students observe and identify Great Lakes fish, understand the fundamentals of fish habitat and life cycles, and learn how scientists monitor the movement of fish populations.

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