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GLIN==> Landscape Ecology Conference April 6-10


Landscape Patterns and Ecosystem Processes
2008 US-IALE Symposium
US-Regional Association for the
International Association for Landscape Ecology

Madison, Wisconsin
April 6-10, 2008

Meeting Theme
Contemporary landscape ecology continues to explore the causes and
consequences of landscape heterogeneity across a range of scales, and
demand for the scientific underpinnings of landscape planning and
management remains high. The 23rd annual symposium will focus on one of
the current frontiers in landscape ecology: understanding the patterns,
causes, and consequences of spatial heterogeneity for ecosystem
function. Spatial fluxes of matter, energy and information influence the
functioning of individual ecosystems and heterogeneous landscapes, but
progress at the interface of ecosystem and landscape ecology has been
relatively slow compared to other areas. Integrating the understanding
gained from ecosystem and landscape ecology will enhance progress in
both disciplines while generating new insights into how landscapes