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GLIN==> GL Town Hall: 5 minute survey

Dear Great Lakes Neighbor,

Today, December 12th marks the second anniversary of The Great Lakes Town Hall!

As we look forward to the future, we are considering a few changes to the site. It's a big project, and we need your help! We have created a short survey to gather your ideas and suggestions for the Town Hall. Please take five minutes to fill out the survey; your ideas will be a great asset to improving the site's content and accessibility.

Thank you to all those who have already filled out the survey – we really appreciate your input and suggestions! If you haven't yet, you still have a chance until January 1st, 2008. Please follow the link below to take the Great Lakes Town Hall survey.

Thank you for your help!

Take the 2nd Anniversary Survey!


Brenna Wanous, Great Lakes Town Hall Manager

Dave Dempsey, Gary Wilson, and Jeffrey Potter, Great Lakes Town Hall Moderators


Great Lakes Town Hall



Brenna Wanous
Great Lakes Town Hall Manager

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214 N. Henry St. #201
Madison, WI  53703