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GLIN==> New RSS Feed for Greatlakeswaterwars.com (Please Post)


My name is Adam Hinterthuer, and I work for Peter Annin, author of The Great Lakes Water Wars. Our website, www.greatlakeswaterwars.com is striving to become the authoritative resource for any and all info concerning Great Lakes water quantity. (ie: diversion, compact status, lake level reports, etc.)

We are a subscriber to the glin-announce network and would appreciate if you could post this release to the e-mail list tomorrow (Jan. 16th). I've attached the word document, if you could save our formatting, that would be great, if not, the text of the release is pasted below.

Thanks so much,
Adam Hinterthuer
Freelance Writer
43 Lakewood Gardens Lane
Madison, WI 53704
(608) 249-2067

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