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GLIN==> New RSS Feed covers all Great Lakes water quantity issues

News Release
January 16, 2008

New RSS Feed from Greatlakeswaterwars.com

(Madison, WI) — Greatlakeswaterwars.com, the leading source of online information about the Great Lakes water diversion controversy, is announcing the establishment of a free RSS feed for its daily news summary. Greatlakeswaterwars.com has become the preeminent independent resource for the latest articles, editorials and other information about water quantity issues in the Great Lakes Basin. It also offers up-to-date original documents on all pending Great Lakes water diversion applications, copies of original correspondence between Great Lakes states and water diversion applicants, as well as key historical documents ranging from the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 to the Great Lakes Compact of 2005. Now, thanks to this new RSS feed, subscribers can receive a daily email containing the latest news about water levels, diversions and other information in the Great Lakes region, as well as notable water news from around the continent and the world.

is a companion site to The Great Lakes Water Wars, an award-winning book in which former Newsweek correspondent Peter Annin delves into the long history of political maneuvers and water diversion schemes that have proposed sending Great Lakes water from Akron to Asia. While the book offers behind-the-scenes accounts of the history and politics that shape today's Great Lakes water policy, greatlakeswaterwars.com is designed to update readers on Great Lakes water diversion news that has occurred since the book was published just over a year ago.  The website keeps a close eye on Great Lakes water legislation, regional water requests, and the status of water-supply controversies in thirstier parts of North America. As the eight Great Lake states, along with Ontario and Quebec, consider a new generation of water-management laws, greatlakeswaterwars.com will continue to serve as an authoritative source of reliable, objective information about the Great Lakes Compact and other water legislation.

The RSS Feed is free, and so is the software that some subscribers may need to download in order to receive the feed. To subscribe to the RSS Feed, visit greatlakeswaterwars.com, click on the RSS sign-up icon, and follow the instructions. Or you can click here:

For questions, contact Web Editor Adam Hinterthuer at, adamhint@gmail.com

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