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GLIN==> First edition of NYSG Great Lakes Splash e-newsletter

Title: First edition of NYSG Great Lakes Splash e-newsletter

Great Lakes Splash!

Welcome to the First Edition of this E-Newsletter with
the Latest News from New York Sea Grant’s Great Lakes Extension

"Discover Clean and Safe Boat" Debuts
at CNY Boat Show Feb. 13-17, 2008
Fire extinguishers, flags, flares, first aid kit, floatation devices… Visit the Feb. 13-17 Central New York Boat Show to see the new Discover Clean and Safe Boat at the NYS Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY.
“This exciting new 20-foot-long, actual boat exhibit will be dressed with all the gear required to meet boating law and regulations to visually help boaters learn exactly how to properly and legally equip their boats,” says Dave White, a recreation and tourism specialist with New York Sea Grant, Oswego, NY.

New York Sea Grant; the Boating Industry Association of Central New York, Cicero, NY; Forest Fisheries, Homer, NY; and Morgan Recreational Supply, Farmington, NY, are sponsoring the new boat exhibit.

More info:  http://www.nysgmarina.org
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Boating Seminars Return to Boat Show Feb. 13-17
Learn Boating, Fishing, Diving, Canalling, Gear & Safety Tips
Where are the best waters to scuba dive, sail, and fish? What are the latest boating rules, regulations, equipment and safety tips? How do I use my new GPS unit? What do I really need to boat to and from Canada and on New York’s canals? The experts answer your questions during the 2008 Central New York Boat Show Seminar Series. A series of 10 seminars assembled by the Boating Industry Association of Central New York and New York Sea Grant, and sponsored by Taylor Made Products of Gloversville, NY, will run February 13-17 at the Syracuse Fairgrounds.

Seminar topics include walleye fishing on Oneida Lake, bass fishing, diving in Central NY, sailing and chartering a boat, using GPS and marine radio, navigating by the latest rules and regulations, cross-border boating, canalling in NYS, and Safe Boating 101.

More info:  http://www.nysgmarina.org

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Great Lakes Student Summit May 14-15
New York Sea Grant is coordinating the 7th biennial Great Lakes Student Summit to be held May 14-15, 2008, in Buffalo.  The theme is Recycling, Restoration & Recovery - all issues with a major impact on the ecosystem of the Great Lakes. There is a need to reduce litter, save natural resources, restore habitats, and protect waterways and beaches, and the Summit will focus on these activities for students in Grades 5-8 and their teachers/club leaders from Great Lakes states & Canada who are or want to be involved in Great Lakes watershed projects. This event encourages a strong interest in environmental education, recycling, waste reduction and water quality issues.
More info:

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Recruiting 2008 Dune/River Steward Crew
New York Sea Grant Steward Coordinator Mary Penney is currently recruiting college and graduate students for the 2008 Eastern Lake Ontario Dune and Salmon River steward season, set to start May 21, 2008. The stewards monitor properties owned by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and The Nature Conservancy in Oswego and Jefferson Counties. The stewards serve as goodwill ambassadors and promote environmentally sound recreational use and stewardship of New York’s natural resources through public education. These are seasonal positions. If interested, send a cover letter, resume, and list of five references to mp357@cornell.edu or fax 315-312-2954.
More info:  http://www.nysgdunes.org/

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Dune Brochure Now Available
Our Eastern Lake Ontario Dunes & Wetlands is now available. This 4-fold interpretive brochure provides insight on the area, dune plants and wildlife found along the nearly 17-mile stretch of Eastern Lake Ontario barrier beach system with dunes and wetlands. See how sand dunes were created and learn about the importance of the dune system, threats to the system, and much more! Funds from the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Resources supported the project. To receive a copy of Our Eastern Lake Ontario Dunes & Wetlands, call New York Sea Grant at 315-312-3042. The brochure will also soon be available for download.

More info:  http://www.nysgdunes.org/

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Botulism Outbreaks Continue to Impact Ecosystem:
Find FAQ Online
Die-offs of fish and waterfowl caused by Type E botulism continued in fall of 2007. Areas around Lake Michigan are now experiencing the mortalities that have impacted Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for several years.  New York Sea Grant continues to provide information to stakeholders and the media regarding Type E botulism and outbreaks in New York waters. A new botulism “Frequently Asked Questions” resource is available from the New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Sea Grants – see more info below.

More info: http://www.seagrant.sunysb.edu/botulism/botulism-qanda07.htm

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NY Sea Grant Active with VHS Issue
VHS – viral hemorrhagic septicemia - has caused fish mortalities in fresh, brackish and salt waters worldwide. VHS has been identified in the Great Lakes with serious impacts to Great Lakes fishes. Recent identification of VHS in fish collected along the North American Atlantic coast creates implications for serious impacts to marine fisheries. To learn more read VHS: The Anatomy of an Emerging Virus including an interview with Cornell University researcher Dr. Paul Bowser in the Fall 2007 issue of New York Sea Grant’s Coastlines. NY Sea Grant has funded a research project to help Dr. Bowser develop an improved diagnostic tool for detecting VHS.
More info: http://www.seagrant.sunysb.edu/pages/coastlinespublications.htm

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Winter Water Survival: Be Prepared
Whether you work or play around the water this winter, use caution and protective clothing, New York Sea Grant Recreation and Tourism Specialist David G. White is telling New Yorkers via television, radio and print interviews
. Learn how to recognize thin ice and the signs of hypothermia that can occur even when the air temperature is as warm as 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Lake Ontario and Lake Erie temperatures reach below 40 degrees F from November through May. For links to hypothermia prevention (Sea Grant Minnesota), thin ice cautions (Sea Grant Wisconsin), and how to use personal floatation devices (NY Sea Grant) information resources, see more info below.

More info: http://www.nysgmarina.org

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Wastewater Treatment Education Opportunity in May
If you are a local official or live in a rural area, you should know about the New York State’s Onsite Wastewater Treatment Training Network (OTN). New York Sea Grant’s Coastal Communities Specialist John Herring works with the nonprofit OTN, which provides training about what is often referred to as septic systems.
In May, the OTN plans to hold a class in Skaneateles highlighting various “alternative” systems, each of which makes sense for certain conditions. Given the age of many onsite systems in upstate New York, many communities can benefit from examining options to improve wastewater management from individual homes. Continuing Education credits may be available for professional engineers, landscape architects, and code enforcement officers.
More info: http://www.delhi.edu/corporateservices/otn_wastewater_programs.asp

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Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) in Development
New York Sea Grant (NYSG) and its Great Lakes states’ counterparts are working closely with the Great Lakes Commission and governmental agencies to develop the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS). GLOS is a system of remote sensing devices, such as buoys and satellites, linked to supercomputers collecting and relaying information on wind speed, wave height, water currents, and air and water temperatures in user-friendly real-time format and as predictions on lake conditions accessible by Internet.
GLOS is the Great Lakes counterpart to the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) and is expected to provide better predictions of weather patterns based on activity, to improve navigational safety, and to assist those interested in storm effect on high erosion coastal areas, hazardous material movements, and the distribution of living organisms in the Great Lakes system. NYSG will be conducting public training on GLOS. If fully funded, the system could be complete by 2012.
More info: http://glos.us

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NYSG to Support New State Invasive Species Effort
New York Sea Grant (NYSG) has been tapped to work in cooperation with the newly-established New York State Invasive Species Council, the New York State Invasive Species Advisory Committee, and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s new Office of Invasive Species to make a clearinghouse of invasive species scientific and educational information readily accessible to all interested stakeholders.

The new New York Invasive Species Clearinghouse will closely integrate with the National Aquatic Nuisance Species Clearinghouse (currently operated by NYSG) and the State’s new Invasive Species Database to aid state and federal agencies and stakeholders re: what has been called one of the state’s fastest growing environmental threats. The new Clearinghouse will include a website of useful invasive species information pertinent to NYS, a searchable electronic bibliography of scientific papers on invasive species of particular interest to NYS, downloadable electronic copies of invasive species educational materials, and a NYS invasive species newsletter. The new Clearinghouse will be co-located with the National Clearinghouse under the direction of New York Sea Grant (NYSG) invasive species expert Chuck O'Neill on the campus of the State University of New York College at Brockport.

More info: http://www.nysgextension.org/ans/anspages/nysgais.htm

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Mark Your Calendar with These Important Dates
February 13-17, 2008
Central New York Boat Show & Seminar Series:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evening and Saturday-Sunday seminars on all types of boating, water safety; sponsored by Boating Industry Association, NY Sea Grant and Taylor Made Products. New information exhibit is planned at NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse.

More info:  http://www.nysgmarina.org

March 15, 2008
Great Lakes Underwater
Full slate of shipwrecks and diving programs, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY, hosted by New York Sea Grant and the Oswego Maritime Foundation. Pre-registration: $25 ($20 student), includes buffet lunch, is required. Make checks payable to Cornell University and mail to New York Sea Grant, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126. MasterCard and VISA now accepted.

More info:  315-312-3042, http://www.nysgunderwater.org/

May 14-15, 2008
Great Lakes Student Summit, Buffalo, NY

More info above

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New York Sea Grant Great Lakes Extension
Find us on the web at http://www.nysgextension.org and
at SUNY-Oswego
Recreation and Tourism Specialist David G. White
Fisheries Specialist David B. MacNeill
Eastern Lake Ontario Dune & Salmon River Steward Program Coordinator Mary Penney
Oswego, NY 13126

at SUNY-Brockport
Coastal Resources and Invasive Species Specialist Charles O’Neill, Jr.
Brockport, NY 14420-2928

at SUNY-Buffalo
Coastal Education Specialist Helen M. Domske
Coastal Communities Specialist John Herring
Buffalo, NY 14260-4400

New York Sea Grant is pleased to share this first edition of Great Lakes Splash! with you.
We look forward to providing more exciting news from the Great Lakes shoreline of New York soon!