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GLIN==> Please Join in the Great Lakes 2008 Earth Day Challenge

Dear Great Lakes Colleague:

   I am pleased to invite you to join us in the Great Lakes 2008 Earth
   Day Challenge. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency is striving
   to mobilize hundreds of thousands of citizens in the Great Lakes
   basin to connect with their environment this April by helping address
   the environmental impact of electronic wastes and unwanted medicines.
   The Challenge is meant to galvanize public participation in
   collection events for those wastes so that together we can safely
   recycle one million pounds of electronic waste and dispose of one
   million pills of unwanted medicines responsibly.

   I am asking you to become a partner with us in spreading the news
   about planned collection events during Earth Week and in creating new
   ones. We need your help both in identifying events to be a part of
   the Challenge and in getting the word out to the public about these
   events. If your organization wishes to partner with us, please fill
   out the web-based partners form you can find at our Earth Day
   Challenge Web Site: www.epa.gov/greatlakes/earthday2008.

   Our partner, Earth 911, is developing an online clearinghouse that
   will list collection events in the basin to be held April 19-27,
   2008, to show people where they can participate near their homes. If
   your organization is planning a collection event, we invite you to
   list it by filling out the registration form that can be accessed
   from the Challenge Web Site.

   In addition, if your organization does not have a collection event
   planned, but would like to do so, we can provide technical assistance
   and information to help you set up your event. There will also be an
   opportunity for Challenge partners to share the results of these
   collection events to gauge whether the Challenge goal as a whole has
   been met.

   If you have any questions, please call our toll-free Earth Day
   Challenge Hotline at 866-575-8543.

   I sincerely hope you can join us in this exciting project. Let’s show
   that together, we can make a difference for the Great Lakes!


   Mary A. Gade
   Great Lakes National Program Manager

   (Invitation Letter and Challenge Text Attached)
   (See attached file: GL2008ChallengeInvitation.pdf)

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