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GLIN==> Great Lakes United 2208 Annual Meeting

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Great Lakes United: AGM 2008


Great Lakes United is teaming with the River Network’s River Rally to bring together leading advocates for watershed protection.


Shape the Great Lakes United coalition at our AGM and work with some of the most successful environmental advocates from across North America at River Rally. Together we will learn how to better address toxic pollution, invasive species, climate change, outdated sewage systems, and a host of other challenges facing the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes United AGM (May 2)
2008 River Rally (May 2 to 5)
Sawmill Creek Resort
Huron, Ohio

This year we are hosting our AGM jointly with the River Network’s River Rally. River Rally is a premier conference bringing together leaders and educators from across North America. In a special partnership, Great Lakes United will be introducing registrants to Great Lakes-specific issues, and giving them an opportunity to see how our coalition operates. Together we will share our knowledge and experience in protecting watersheds.


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