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GLIN==> Chainsaw Training Class - short notice

The Nature Conservancy - Wisconsin Field Office is offering chainsaw
training class for land managers and land owners.    

The class will be held at 8 am on Saturday, March 8th at the Eagle
Center near Kettle Moraine, located 3 miles west of the village of Eagle
on Hwy 59.


Level 1 Game of Logging taught by Ken Lallemont covers the following:

*          Personal Protective Equipment 

*	Chain Saw Safety Features 
*	Reactive Forces and the Bore Cut 
*	The Face Notch & The Hinge 
*	The Cutter Tooth 
*	Introduction to Carburetor Adjusting 
*	Information Before Felling Begins 

Level 1 provides a focus on open face felling, including pre-planning
the fell, bore cutting, chainsaw reactive forces, as well as an
understanding of hinge strength.


Generally, the morning will be indoors and the afternoon will be outside
practicing, so all participants should dress for the weather (it will be
cold!) and bring water. Also, participants should bring any safety
equipment they may have (helmet, ear and eye protection, chaps, work
gloves, and boots) as well as a saw and any tools or maintenance
equipment. The more equipment available, the more hands-on time
participants will have. Ken usually has some extra equipment, but not
enough for a full class. 


With a full class, the cost of training will be about $60 per person.
Lunch will be provided. 


Any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Julia Ela
Assistant Land Steward

AmeriCorps Member
(608) 316-6413 (Phone) 
(608) 251-8535 (Fax) 

nature.org <http://nature.org/>  


The Nature Conservancy
Wisconsin Field Office 
633 W Main St
Madison, WI 53703