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RE: GLIN==> Blue Eco Legal Council Shuts Down FBI Range

well done Steve and thanks for keeping us posted.


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Subject: GLIN==> Blue Eco Legal Council Shuts Down FBI Range


Last week the federal judge in our environmental lawsuit against the FBI
ordered that we be allowed to conduct a test at their range using tracer
rounds to prove lead bullets are ricocheting into Lake Michigan. So after
court our expert and I went to Foss Park, next to the range to look it
over and began finding lead bullets, 14 total. We then went down to the
beach and found another 17 bullets.  The total found in 3 hours was 85lbs


This past Friday I filed a motion for TRO because of 1) public safety
and 2) the bullets are hazardous material just sitting out in the open.
The motion was today and last night the FBI preemptively shut down the


The judge therefore held over the TRO, probably because
he did not need to rule on it, until the FBI decides to reopen.

I am therefore declaring victory because I doubt this range will ever
reopen. Now we can move on to getting the lakebed cleaned up.




Steven B. Pollack, Attorney
Executive Director, Blue Eco Legal Council
3390 Commercial Ave.
Northbrook, IL 60062


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