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GLIN==> new book: The Waters of Michigan

The Waters of Michigan

By David Lubbers and David Dempsey

Foreword by Governor William G. Milliken


What is more visceral when imagining Michigan than Water? It is at the core of how the people of this state see themselves in relation to their environment. But still Michigan languishes behind other states in its protection of this most precious of resources.

A new book from Michigan State University Press provides a unique imagining of this most precious of commodities. The Waters of Michigan pairs the exquisite black-and-white photographs by art photographer David Lubbers of streams, wetlands, lakes, waterfalls, and the Great Lakes with information about the quantity, quality and uniqueness of Michigan’s water resources. It’s a book that moves as it informs the reader about the state’s 11,000-plus lakes, thousands of river miles, and responsibility to the Great Lakes, which contain almost one-fifth of the world’s fresh water.

“I was born and raised in western Michigan, and Lake Michigan was always there, even when I wasn't looking at it,” said photographer David Lubbers.  “The lake was beautiful and seemingly immutable. The ‘big lake’ could take care of itself.”

“Maybe that once was true, but it no longer is.”

 “It’s exciting to team with David Lubbers on The Waters of Michigan,” said co-author Dave Dempsey. “Since first enjoying his photographs, I’ve seen the state’s water resources with a fresh eye and heart. I hope others will be moved to appreciate and protect our precious water after savoring these images.”

Former Michigan Governor William G. Milliken provides a foreword to the book. He writes, “We must also stop to appreciate, and learn more about, the character of Michigan’s water. I hope this volume will enrich public understanding of Michigan’s most precious natural resource. Michigan can only fulfill its potential as a state and a people by exercising responsible, and principled water stewardship.”

David Lubbers is a fine art photographer with over thirty years of experience. In 1982, Lubbers moved to Santa Fe and photographed the Southwest extensively. Photographing with a large-format camera, he captured not only evidence of time and weather, but also the soul of the people. Since then he has photographed the West Coast and Michigan, the Netherlands, France and Italy. Four portfolios and two books of his photographs have been published. Lubbers has exhibited in Mexico, Italy, and Latvia in addition to numerous shows from Boston to San Francisco in the United States. 

 Dave Dempsey is an environmental policy consultant and writer who has been active on conservation for more than 25 years. He is author of three previous books on Michigan’s conservation history, the Great Lakes, and the life and career of former Governor Milliken.


96 pages, 11 x 11, 80 duotones, notes

978-0-87013-830-0, cloth, $29.95

Now Available! World Rights


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