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GLIN==> What's New & Notable: 16 May 2008

Title: GLIN: What's New and Notable

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What's New & Notable
16 May 2008

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On-line Boating Economic Impact Model

This system of web-based models allows users to estimate boater spending and the associated economic impacts in terms of jobs, sales, income, and value added associated with the ownership (e.g., craft spending) and use (e.g., trip spending) of different sizes and types of recreational boats. Economic impacts may be estimated for a marina, groups of marinas (eg, in a harbor), a boat access/ launch site, or for all registered power boats and sail boats in a designated region.

Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation was founded with the goals of protecting and restoring Lake Huron's coastal environment and promoting a healthy coastal ecosystem. The Coastal Centre is the only grassroots organization focused on protecting the coastal environment lake-wide.

Inland Seas: Understanding and Protecting the Great Lakes

The goal of this movie is to provide an overview of the concepts of surface and groundwater watersheds and the concept of water diversions. The movie relates these issues to the Great Lakes Compact Agreement and presents ideas on how individuals can make an impact on water use and the policies surrounding water protections.

2008 Lake Michigan Exploration Workshop

4th-10th grade teachers and non-formal educators from the Great Lakes region are invited to participate in the Lake Michigan Exploration Workshop, August 2-8, in Chicago. This workshop is designed to promote Great Lakes and ocean sciences in formal and informal education and forge lasting relationships between science researchers and educators.

Finger Lakes Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management

This site contains resource materials pertaining to the FL-PRISM, invasive species of the Finger Lakes Region, information on NYS and federal invasive species policies, and information on other PRISMs throughout NYS.

Mother Earth Water Walk

Two Anishinawbe Grandmothers, and a group of Anishinawbe Women and Men have taken action regarding the water issue by walking the perimeter of the Great Lakes. The 2008 Lake Michigan walk was completed on May 12.

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