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GLIN==> Michigan Promotes *Clean Boats Every Day* Initiative

Michigan Promotes *Clean Boats Every Day* Initiative

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm has proclaimed June 1-8, 2008, as Aquatic
Invasive Species Awareness Week to raise awareness about the need for
citizens to take action to stop new introductions and control the spread
of aquatic invasive species. Michigan is defined by the Great Lakes and
its vast inland waters which draw millions of tourists and recreational
users every year.

In support of the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration declaration of
*Clean Boats Every Day* Initiative, Michigan is promoting aquatic
invasive species awareness and sustainable boating practices by teaching
citizens how to inspect, clean, and drain their boats in order to
prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invaders.

A few simple preventative measures can help protect Michigan*s
pristine waters from AIS invasions. For example, watercrafts and
recreational equipment should be inspected before leaving a lake, any
vegetation should be removed, all live wells drained, areas that may
contain water cleaned, and unused bait should be disposed in the trash.

AIS week is sponsored by the Department of Environmental Quality*s
Office of the Great Lakes with collaborative efforts from other state
and federal agencies as well as private and nonprofit organizations. For
AIS Awareness Week information, the Governor*s proclamation, event
listings, activities, and more, visit the OGL*s Aquatic Invasive
Species website at www.michigan.gov/deqaquaticinvasives; or contact the
OGL at 517-335-4056.

Editor*s note: DEQ news releases are available on the department*s
Internet home page at www.michigan.gov/deq.
*Protecting Michigan*s Environment, Ensuring Michigan*s

Emily Finnell
Office of the Great Lakes
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
6th Fl Constitution Hall, South Tower
525 W. Allegan St.
Lansing, MI  48933
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