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GLIN==> Watershed Education Coordinator Position Announcement

Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI

The Coordinator of Watershed Education at Cranbrook Institute of Science
is a multifaceted position responsible for envisioning, developing,
marketing and delivering watershed and Great Lakes education programs to
a variety of different constituencies through the region. Please note
that this is a grant funded position. The intention is to have this
position serve as the public face of statewide watershed education for
the Institute of Science at Cranbrook, as well as for the Institute’s
“Waterfest” special event series held annually at the Institute and
on Cranbrook grounds.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Development of a tailored curriculum and associated resources for K-12
learners related to watershed and Great Lakes environmental issues,
including leave behind materials for teachers, assist development
department in regular sponsorship updates and reporting requirements,
upkeep of detailed budget and travel log, presentation to public and
school audiences on a regular basis including extensive overnight and up
to week long travel throughout Michigan, Training other education staff
members and volunteers for program delivery and content knowledge,
coordination and management of all aspects of the Institute’s annual
“Waterfest” program, representation of the Institute of Science at
local and regional meetings of watershed policy makers, advocates and
potential donors, participation in the development and implementation of
a tailored marketing plan related to the Institute’s watershed and Great
Lakes programs, participation in the development and implementation of
appropriate evaluation tools for the evaluation of the program’s
success, upkeep of Cranbrook vehicle maintenance, and participate in
Education Department holiday and special events.  Requires: An
undergraduate degree in environmental education or a related life
science field, an academic and/or service record reflective of
significant scholarly achievement or advocacy for watershed and Great
Lakes issues including education, policy and economic sectors, a minimum
of three years experience presenting science content and integrated
research results to diverse public audiences in a museum setting or
institution of higher learning (five years preferred), documented
understanding and success relating to and interfacing with citizen
advocacy groups, particularly those of a grass roots nature, an
understanding of and interest in existing statewide initiatives related
to water ecology, watershed studies or Great Lakes advocacy, a detailed
understanding of the State of Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations
for k-12 student curriculums, for ecology/life science benchmarks
particularly as relates to outcomes for the State of Michigan’s annual
MEAP testing in school districts and public school academies, strong
organizational skills, proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and
PowerPoint, with ability to create effective, engaging presentation and
materials, and must be goal oriented and demonstrate ability to work

FULL-TIME: Complete listing at  www.cranbrook.edu

Michele Arquette-Palermo
Watershed Education Program Coordinator

office :248-645-3223
Cranbrook:  More than 100 years of excellence in education, science, and

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