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Compact in Congress’ hands

Two and a half years after the Governors of the Great Lakes states signed the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact and the companion Agreement with the Premiers of Ontario and Quebec, the Compact has been ratified by all eight states. On July 9, 2008, Michigan became the final state to pass the Compact.

Buffalo: Charter boat fishing Mecca?

Great Lakes News' Nate Drag spent an afternoon with charter boat captain Tom Marks. Read about the joys of fishing, and how threats to Lake Erie are making it harder to bring in a catch.

Managing water through the Moses-Saunders dam: Comments submitted

In response to the IJCs’ request for comments on a new management plan for regulating the flow of water through the Moses-Saunders dam, Great Lakes United responded favouring a different plan. Referred to as plan B+, this better replicates the natural flow water, which is critical for the stability of near-shore habitats.

Congress must act in face of $200 million losses to Great Lakes region by invasive species

Time is running out on a solution to the Great Lakes invasive species problem, and the cost to the region has swelled to at least $200 million a year and is growing, according to a team of scientists and economists.

Say “No” to Great Lakes cargo dumping

The U.S. Coast Guard released a draft Environmental Impact Statement for the rulemaking: “Dry Residue Discharges in the Great Lakes”. In this rulemaking the Coast Guard proposes to deviate from federal and international laws and permit the dumping of cargo- such as limestone, iron ore, coal, and grain- from commercial vessels into the Great Lakes.


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Great Lakes Leaders Bring Ballast Legislation to the House fo Representatives


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