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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 15 August 2008

Title: GLIN: What's New and Notable

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What's New & Notable
15 August 2008

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Great Lakes Urban Exchange

GLIN Site of the Month GLUE, an on- and offline coalition comprised of post-boomer urbanists located in the "rustbelt," was founded to promote the power, aide in the positive transformation, and address the shared challenges of similarly-storied older industrial cities situated in the Great Lakes watershed. Among the ranks of the GLUE coalition are community organizers, urban planners, artists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and students living and working in over 20 cities in 10 states. Become a member at GLUEspace.org to exchange information and ideas about the condition and future of our urban communities.

Water Connections

Water Connections
The mission of the Water Connections Project is to develop and implement a web-based water information portal that will provide users with immediate access to a nationwide collection of water data, resources, contacts and other pertinent information.

Great Lakes Operational Forecast System

The Great Lakes Operational Forecast System (GLOFS) is a NOAA automated model-based prediction system aimed at providing improved predictions of water levels, currents and temperatures for the commercial, recreation and emergency response communities.

Minnesota Lake Superior Beach Monitoring Program

The goal of the program is to assure a safe and healthy aquatic recreational environment by informing the water-going public about risks of contracting water-borne diseases. The program collects samples from 39 Lake Superior beaches and analyzes those samples for water-borne diseases and human health risks.

Great Lakes News

Great Lakes News
Great Lakes News, a service of Great Lakes United, reports on developments in the effort to protect and restore the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River ecosystem.

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