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GLIN==> FW: Governor Jim Doyle Declares September 2008 Coastal Awareness Month

Press Release

For Immediate Release
Friday, August 29, 2008

Contact:   Mike Friis,  Leader, Resource Policy Team
E-Mail:   Michael.Friis@wisconsin.gov
Phone:   (608) 267-7982

Governor Jim Doyle Declares September 2008 Coastal Awareness Month

Governor Jim Doyle today declared September 2008 Wisconsin Coastal Awareness Month. The proclamation highlights the importance of Wisconsin's 1000 miles of coastline on Lake Michigan and Lake Superior for their tremendous recreational and economic assets for the state.

"The scenic beauty and economic power of the Great Lakes are a big part of what makes Wisconsin a wonderful place to live," said Governor Doyle. "Protecting our great lakes is one of my top priorities as Governor."

"As Chair of the Council of Great Lakes Governors, I am proud that Wisconsin and the rest of the Great Lakes states approved the Great Lakes Compact. In ratifying the Compact, the Great Lakes states, working together with the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec have shown regional commitment and cooperation to protect this amazing resource," said Governor Doyle. "Coastal Awareness Month is a wonderful time for Wisconsin's citizens to celebrate our coasts and what we have accomplished."

As part of Coastal Awareness Month, events and activities are planned along all of Wisconsin's coasts for citizens, students, organizations and government officials.  "Everyone has a role in protecting the Great Lakes," said Governor Doyle.  "Individuals and communities can participate in numerous activities intended to promote a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of Wisconsin's amazing natural resources."

The Wisconsin Coastal Management program, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, is coordinating a series of events and activities to celebrate Coastal Awareness Month.  These activities include things like beach sweeps and harbor cleanups along the coasts, workshops in Milwaukee, Manitowoc and Ashland to learn more about available coastal management grant funds, the release of the Coastal Chronicle publication and a meeting of the gubernatorialy appointed Wisconsin Coastal Management Council in Manitowoc.  An updated, full list of events and activities is attached to this release and will be updated on the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program website at http://coastal.wisconsin.gov.

"Protecting our Great Lakes is a top priority and a real challenge.  Working together -- state government, local and tribal governments, citizens and organizations -- we will continue to make a big difference in the future of the Great Lakes," said Doyle.

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