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GLIN==> Great Lakes News: IJC abandons gutless plan for dam

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IJC abandons gutless plan for dam

Following public comment that chastised the International Joint Commission for selecting a plan that would continue the devastation of St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario coastal habitat, the International Joint Commission has withdrawn their proposed management plan in favour of finding a more environmentally responsible choice.

Politics hold up historic ballast legislation

As Congress entered its August recess, two powerful Senate committee chairpersons were at loggerheads over ballast water legislation aimed at preventing new invasive species introductions from ocean ships.

Lake Superior barrel dump scandal is as murky as ever

A lot has been written about the more than 1,457 barrels of Honeywell’s toxic, and probably radioactive, chemicals that were dumped by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers into Lake Superior near Duluth between 1957 and 1962. Still, some key questions remain: what’s in the barrels, and when are they going to be pulled from Lake Superior?

3008: A Great Lakes odyssey

We are all used to seeing pictures of the outline of the Great Lakes from space. Will that outline look the same for someone looking down from space 1000 years from now? That is highly unlikely.


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The dramatic decline of the American eel

Sewage in the St. Lawrence: Problems and Solutions

Bruce Kershner honoured


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