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GLIN==> NOAA Regional Collaboration Position in Ann Arbor

One of these Regional Coordinators will be working for the Great Lakes Regional Team and likely based in Ann Arbor. These are federal positions.

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Subject: NOAA Regional Collaboration Positions
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:40:25 -0400
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FROM: Workforce Management Office
SUBJECT: NOAA Regional Collaboration Positions

NOAA is looking for management level individuals at the Management and Program Analyst, ZA-343-4 and GS-343-13/14 levels, to act as coordinators to further NOAA’s Regional Collaboration effort. One coordinator will be hired to serve on each of NOAA’s eight Regional Collaboration Teams: Alaska, Central, Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic, Pacific, Southeast & Caribbean, and Western. The vacancy announcements for these positions are open until 12 midnight E.S.T. on Thursday, October 16, 2008. These Regional Teams handle issues such as climate change and the impact of natural disasters that cross traditional political boundaries, and work to increase the value and consistency of NOAA’s services to our customers by improving intra-agency service integration and regional coordination among federal agencies, states, and other stakeholders.

The coordinators will support the teams as they blend the place-based needs of customers and partners at the regional scale with NOAA’s priorities and responsibilities as a federal agency. The selected individuals will assess our stakeholders’ needs, strengthen relationships with our partners, and promote the “one NOAA” principles of improved internal communications and efficiency.

NOAA’s Regional Collaboration Teams were formed to improve the agency’s delivery of services such as drought information, hazard mitigation tools, and ecosystem assessments that cut across Line Offices. Success of this effort will be measured by NOAA’s ability to advance the work of the agency towards these goals:

  • Improved services for the benefit of NOAA’s customers (e.g., citizens, researchers, resource managers);
  • Increased value and productivity of partnerships (e.g., other federal agencies, academic institutions, state and local governments);
  • Improved stakeholder relations and support (e.g., Congress, non-profits, industry);
  • Improved internal communications and efficiency across NOAA’s existing organizational structure; and
  • A more visible and valued NOAA.

This job is open to status and non-status applicants, and current NOAA employees are encouraged to apply for the status positions. Note that each duty station is located in selected cities within each of the eight regions and each region will be advertised separately, so please look at the location carefully when applying.

To learn more and apply on-line, please visit: http://www.careers.noaa.gov/hotjobs.html, and click on NOAA Regional Coordinator Positions.
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