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GLIN==> Coalition Welcomes Business Support for Great Lakes - ‘Must Lead to Federal Action’

Coalition Welcomes Business Support for Great Lakes - ‘Must Lead to Federal Action’
Statement by Jeff Skelding, campaign director, Healing Our Waters® -Great Lakes Coalition
Today, more than 25 prominent regional chambers of commerce in the Great Lakes region—led by the Detroit Regional Chamber—released an agenda to grow the economy. Restoring the Great Lakes is one of the five pillars of the federal legislative agenda.
“The Healing our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition applauds these regional chambers of commerce around the Great Lakes for recognizing that the economic health of this region is inextricably tied to the health of our lakes.
“Today’s announcement by business leaders sends a clear message to Congress and the Presidential candidates: act now to restore the world’s largest source of fresh water before the problems get worse and more costly.
“The Brookings Institution estimates that a $26 billion investment to restore the Great Lakes to stop sewage contamination, halt invasive species, and clean up toxic pollution will produce more than $80 billion from increases in property values, tourism, fishing industry and recreation.
“That’s an investment well worth making and underscores why families, businesses, farmers and industry leaders have supported the restoration and protection of the lakes—because the health of the Great Lakes will determine the health and prosperity of our communities now and for generations to come.”
For a list of all of the chambers that have endorsed the investment of $26 billion to restore the Great Lakes, see the following resources:
Press Release: http://www.detroitchamber.com/about_us/press_releases.asp?cid=27
Chamber Federal Economic Agenda: http://www.detroitchamber.com/docs/BizAgenda.pdf
Brookings Institution Economic Paper: http://www.healthylakes.org/news-events/events/2007/09/05/new-report-restoring-great-lakes-would-bring-region-50-billion-in-economic-gain
The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition consists of more than 100 zoos, aquariums, museums, and hunting, fishing, and environmental organizations representing millions of people, whose common goal is to restore and protect the Great Lakes. More information at: http://www.healthylakes.org/
For Immediate Release:
October 15, 2008
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