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GLIN==> REMINDER: Register for the Submerged Lands Conference in Traverse City, Mich.

Register for the 27th Annual International Submerged Lands Management Conference


October 26-29

Traverse City, Michigan




Joseph Sax, Professor Emeritus, Berkley Law University of California








Chris A Shafer, Professor of Law, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Lansing



Online registration for the conference is available at https://www.glc.org/submerged2008/register.html



SPECIAL INFORMATION REQUEST: The Submerged Lands Management Conference has agreed to undertake a special task.  We are collecting the contact information for persons responsible at the state and provincial level for boundary issues.  For the purpose of this list boundary issues include coastal zone boundaries and state boundaries such as state waters and territorial sea.  This information will be collected and compiled into a list that will be made available to various state, federal and provincial agencies that address issues related to boundary mapping, interagency consistency and resource identification.  Please email Becky Pearson, conference organizer, bpearson@glc.org, this information in advance of the conference. Those attending the conference may provide the information at that time. The list will be updated and distributed every year as a task of the conference.



SPONSORS: Sponsors are currently being recruited for this event.  Several levels of sponsorship are available. Sponsorship information is available at: http://submergedlands2008.com/sponsors.html.  If your company, agency or organization is interested in being a sponsor, contact Becky Pearson at the Great Lakes Commission, bpearson@glc.org, (734) 971-9135.



CONTACT: For more information contact Becky Pearson at the Great Lakes Commission, bpearson@glc.org, (734) 971-9135.