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GLIN==> SOLEC 2008 video webcast October 22 and 23

The State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference will be available as a
"live" video webcast October 22 and October 23.  Join us for two full
days of programming online at http://epa.gov/greatlakes/live

Highlights for Wednesday, October 22 "State of the Great Lakes"
(starting at 9 AM Eastern time)
Contaminants, Biotic Communities and Invasive Species
Coastal Zones and Aquatic Habitats
Human Health, Land Use, Resource Utilization, and Climate Change
Keynote Speaker – Thomas Homer-Dixon
Impacts of Changing Land Use
Nearshore Terrestrial Ecosystems
Coastal Wetlands
Nearshore Waters - biological, physical, chemical features

Highlights for Thursday, October 23 "Ecosystem Status Reports: Lakes and
Connecting Channels"
(starting at 7:30 AM Eastern time)
Lake Superior – Non-native species
Lake Michigan – Botulism
Lake Huron – Beaches and Recreational Water Quality
St. Clair-Detroit River Connecting Channel - Nutrients and algal blooms
Lake Erie – Nutrients and Harmful Algal Blooms
Niagara River – Contaminants
Lake Ontario – Impacts of Water Levels
Keynote Speaker Peter Annin – "Great Lakes Water Wars"

Detailed video webcast agenda available at:
Pranas Pranckevicius, CISSP
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Great Lakes National Program Office
77 West Jackson Blvd.  G-17J
Chicago, IL  60604-3590
312 353-3437 Tel
312 353-2018 Fax
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