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GLIN==> video webcast: Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Nov 18 -19

Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Council Fall 2008 Meeting
The Lake Michigan Nearshore: Monitoring Gaps & Plans to Address Them
November 18-19, 2008

Live video webcast - http://www.epa.gov/greatlakes/live/

Agenda highlights November 18 (starting at 1:00 PM Eastern Time)
   National Water Quality Monitoring Council Update
   NMN Lake MI Pilot Study Recap and Nearshore Outcomes
   Lake MI Pilot Demonstration Update
   2008 SOLEC Recap
   USGS Beach Health Initiative: Indicators, Research & Analytical
   Methods Update
   Lake Monitoring with the Triaxis: Capabilities and Future Plans
   2010 Coastal Condition Report
   2010 Lake MI GLNPO/LaMP Intensive Year Monitoring & Follow-up on
   10/24 BEC Meeting: Closer Connection Between Monitoring and the LaMPs
   RFP on Phosphorous by Adding Loads
   GLRRIN near shore research plans – Invasives impact, food webs, etc.

Agenda highlights November 19 (starting at 8:00 AM Eastern Time)
   NEST Indicators Program (NEST = National Environmental Status &
   Lake MI SOLEC focus issue: Botulism Research and Monitoring
   Lake Michigan Nearshore: WDNR Report and Options for Future
   Discussion: Coordinating/Developing Monitoring Around Nearshore
   Microbes Monitoring Workshop
   2009 State of Lake Michigan Conference Planning

Final Agenda
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