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GLIN==> GLRC Annual Meeting December 10, 2008 Agenda and Details

Dear Great Lakes Stakeholder,

   Here is the Agenda and Call-in information for the Great Lakes
   Regional Collaboration's Annual Meeting on December 10, 2008 from 10
   am to noon CST.

   We welcome you to report on your organization's activities in support
   of the GLRC Strategy to Restore and Protect the Great Lakes (10:45 to
   11:30 am) and/or to give us your comments during the call (11:30 to
   11:55 am). If you wish to speak during either of those opportunities,
   please notify us by email to Macara Lousberg (䩘
   lousberg.macara@epa.gov) by December 5, 2008.

   We hope you will be able to join us on the call.

   The Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Executive Committee


   December 10, 2008
   10:00 a.m. – 12 noon Central Standard Time
   Call-In number: 1-866-299-3188, and Conference Code 60604

   Facilitator:  Tom Looby, EMA, Inc.

   10:00-10:05    Welcome

   10:05-10:20    Background and Progress to Date
                           ·  Brief review of stakeholder involvement
                           ·  Brief update on GLRC Initiatives (full
   descriptions are available online at

   10:20-10:45 GLRC Member Comments and Updates on Actions to advance
               the GLRC Strategy

   10:20-10:25    Administration Representative
   10:25-10:30    Congressional Representative
   10:30-10:35    Governors’ Representative
   10:35-10:40    Mayors’ Representative
   10:40-10:45    Tribal Representative

   10:45-11:30    Stakeholder Updates on Actions Under the GLRC Strategy

   11:30-11:55    Comments by Great Lakes Stakeholders

   11:55-12:00    Closing Remarks

   12:00 noon     Adjournment

   Annual Meeting information online at:
   http://glrc.us/meetings/2008/annualmeeting.html%vq謆-y-ߢ*'5p,a0Vz޵:,&ކi0	bw+)ڞz.ǟiS,Ơzm%y޷k?Xjyw-٥Nj!bm )zl	b{%Ƨvb*'ޱy֛(r,z殶+םqu'q,jʷ-,z,h^zh*'