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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, February 2009

Title: GLIN: What's New and Notable

February 2009 Issue

GLIN Site of the Month Site of the Month: Our Shared Waters

GLIN's February Site of the Month is Our Shared Waters. Our Shared Waters is the website for information regarding the Year of Our Shared Waters, a celebration of the centennial of the Boundary Waters Treaty. Recognized as the world's first environmental agreement and a model of binational governance, the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty continues to guide the governments of the United States and Canada in their joint stewardship of transboundary natural resources. The site features an informative history of the treaty, information on centennial celebration events, contact information for the centennial committee, and more.

  featured this month:

chicago2016.orgGreat Lakes Days in Washington

Great Lakes Days in Washington and the Semiannual Meeting of the Great Lakes Commission take place Feb. 23-25. Online registration, agendas, and travel and lodging information is available at www.glc.org/meeting.

2: www.miwwat.org Michigan's Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool

Michigan's Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool is designed to estimate the likely impact of a proposed water withdrawal on nearby streams and rivers.

3: freshwaterestuary.uwex.eduWisconsinís Freshwater Estuary Initiative

Wisconsinís Freshwater Estuary Initiative is an effort to promote awareness and stewardship of Wisconsinís Great Lakes freshwater estuaries. The initiative involves the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and a diverse network of partners.

4: www.mpl.org/shipProject Shipshape

Project Shipshape, an initiative of the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society and the Milwaukee Public Library, features information on more than 10,000 Great Lakes vessels from 1815 to the present.

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