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GLIN==> Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

[Federal Register: February 24, 2009 (Volume 74, Number 35)]
[Page 8231-8232]
 From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov]


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Draft Management Plan and Environmental Assessment for Thunder Bay
National Marine Sanctuary: Notice of Public Availability and Meetings

AGENCY: Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS), National Ocean
Service (NOS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
Department of Commerce (DOC).
ACTION: Notice of public availability and meetings.


SUMMARY: In accordance with section 304(e) of the National Marine
Sanctuaries Act (NMSA), as amended, NOAA is soliciting public comment
on the draft management plan and draft environmental assessment for
Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

DATES: Comments: Comments on the draft management plan and draft
environmental assessment will be considered if received on or before
April 10, 2009.
    Public meetings: See SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section below for
the dates and locations for the public meetings.

ADDRESSES: To obtain a copy: For a copy of the draft management plan
and draft environmental assessment, contact the Management Plan Review
Coordinator, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, 500 W. Fletcher
Street, Alpena, MI 49707. Copies can also be downloaded from the
Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary (TBNMS) website at <A HREF="http://www.thunderbay.noaa.gov";>
    To submit comments: Comments on the draft management plan and draft
environmental assessment may be submitted by one of the following
    1. In writing to the Thunder Bay NMS Management Plan Review
Coordinator (see to obtain a copy section above);
    2. By e-mail to <A HREF="mailto:TBMPR@noaa.gov";>TBMPR@noaa.gov</A>; or
    3. By providing comments (oral or written) at one of the public
meetings (see public meetings section below).
    Instructions: All comments received are a part of the public record
and will be generally posted to <A HREF="http://www.regulations.gov";>http://www.regulations.gov</A> without
change. All Personal Identifying Information (for example, name,
address, etc.) voluntarily submitted by the commenter may be publicly
accessible. Do not submit confidential business information or
otherwise sensitive or protected information. NOAA will accept
anonymous comments (enter N/A in the required fields if you wish to
remain anonymous). Attachments to electronic comments will be accepted
in Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPerfect, or Adobe PDF file formats only.
    Public meetings: See SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section for the
dates and locations for the public meetings.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Tera Panknin at (989) 356-8805 ext. 38
or via e-mail at <A HREF="mailto:TBMPR@noaa.gov";>TBMPR@noaa.gov</A>.


Background Information

    On October 7, 2000, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA) designated TBNMS as the nation's thirteenth
national marine sanctuary (NMS). At that time, NOAA prepared and
released a management plan for the new sanctuary. TBNMS is jointly
managed by NOAA and the State of Michigan. The sanctuary's mission is
to preserve nationally significant shipwrecks and regional maritime
landscape through resource protection, education, and research. The
sanctuary also promotes appreciation and responsible use of Thunder
Bay, the Great Lakes, and the oceans.
    NOAA is now undergoing the first review of the 1999 TBNMS
management plan pursuant to section 304(e) of the NMSA. The draft
revised management plan (2009) was prepared by NOAA and the State of
Michigan's Department of History, Arts and Libraries in cooperation
with the Thunder Bay Sanctuary Advisory Council and with input from the
public, local governments, State and Federal agencies, and other
stakeholders. The draft revised plan is comprised of four action plans
(resource protection, education and outreach, research, and
operations). It sets priorities to guide sanctuary programs and
operations and provides the public with a better understanding of the
sanctuary's strategies to protect Thunder Bay's resources.
    The draft environmental assessment analyzes the environmental
impacts of the revised management plan pursuant to the National
Environmental Policy Act. In doing so, it analyzes two alternatives:
the status quo (no change to the 1999 management plan) and the
preferred alternative (revising the 1999 management plan).

Public Meetings

    Public meetings will be held at the following locations and dates:

[[Page 8232]]

March 18, 6:30 p.m............  Rogers City, MI..  Presque Isle District
                                                    Library, 181 East
                                                    Erie Street, Rogers
                                                    City, MI 49779.
March 19, 6:30 p.m............  Harrisville, MI..  Harrisville
                                                    Courthouse, 106
                                                    North 5th Street,
                                                    Harrisville, MI
March 20, 2 p.m...............  Lansing, MI......  Michigan Historical
                                                    Center, 702 West
                                                    Kalamazoo Street,
                                                    Lansing, MI 48909.
March 24, 6:30 p.m............  Alpena, MI.......  Great Lakes Maritime
                                                    Heritage Center, 500
                                                    West Fletcher
                                                    Street, Alpena, MI

    Dated: February 17, 2009.
Daniel J. Basta,
Director, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.
[FR Doc. E9-3720 Filed 2-23-09; 8:45 am]


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