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GLIN==> Stone Lab Scholarship, Jobs Deadlines Tomorrow!

Stone Laboratory, Ohio State University’s Island Campus on Lake Erie, offers 30 college-credit science courses each summer for undergraduate and graduate students, advanced high school students, and educators.


Course credits are transferable to most colleges and universities. Everyone is encouraged to apply!


New Stone Lab Website

Check out the new design at stonelab.osu.edu!


There you can find more information about course offerings, how to apply, and when everything is due. 



Set Your Eyes on a Scholarship

All students taking for-credit classes at Stone Lab are eligible to apply for scholarship funding. The amount granted depends on the classes you choose, but last summer’s awards ranged from $250 to $2,500. Deadline: TOMORROW, March 17, 2009


Find more information at stonelab.osu.edu/costs/aid.



Work Three Days, Stay for Free

Working for Stone Lab three days a week can score you free room and board!


These part-time positions are available to college students enrolled in five-week courses. Each position will include dining hall or student housing responsibilities, in addition to duties in the laboratory, library/bookstore, Aquatic Visitors Center, or South Bass Island Lighthouse. Deadline: TOMORROW, March 17, 2009


Find out more at stonelab.osu.edu/costs/jobs.



Stacy Brannan

Associate Editor

Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory

1314 Kinnear Road

Columbus, OH 43212