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From: "Eggert, Thomas L" <EggerT@mail01.dnr.state.wi.us>
To: "'p2reg@great-lakes.net'" <p2reg@great-lakes.net>
Subject: RE: Certification programs   


Wisconsin is also putting a new program together.  I have attached a
copy of authorizing legislation, which provides some of the details. 
This legislation has not been introduced yet, so please do not share
this with others.

If I can provide any other assistance, let me know.
Tom Eggert
WI Department of Natural Resources
PO Box 7921  MB/5
Madison, WI 53707
608 267-2761

>	Pat_Gallagher@nmenv.state.nm.us[SMTP:Pat_Gallagher@nmenv.state.nm.us]
>Sent: 	Thursday, December 19, 1996 5:06AM
>To: 	p2reg@great-lakes.net
>Subject: 	Certification programs   
>I am looking for examples of state certification programs for P2, 
>regulatory compliance and/or ISO 14000.  New Mexico is pulling 
>together an environmental excellence program and participantswill 
>be required to have an assessment completed by a certified assessor to
>participate in the program.  Any models out there in any other 
>states?  This will be a voluntary program.  Thanks in advance.
>Pat Gallagher
>New Mexico Environment Department
>Office of the Secretary
>P.O. Box 26110
>Santa Fe, NM 87502
>505-827-0677 phone