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    This is in repsonse to the questions about making horse trailer mats
    from tires and pyrolysis of tires.  We have a directory which may be
    helpful.  It's called the Scrap Tire Users Directory, The Business
    References Book of the Scrap Tire Industry.  It's published by the
    Recycling Research Institute.  The numbers I have are in Suffield, CT
    (203)668-5422 and Merrifield, VA (703)280-9112.  There are sections on
    markets, including mats, and a section on equipment.  Hope you can
    locate a copy.

    Katie Sewell
    P2 Coordinator
    Idaho DEQ
    1410 N. Hilton
    Boise, ID  83706
    (208) 373-0502
       FAX    0169