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                                                  January, 1996
                     WELCOME TO P2TECH!

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January, 1996

                                 "Diego Pena Alcega, Waste Reduction and Technology Transfer Foundation, Spain"

* "Mac Allen, Conpro Corporation"

*  "Ramon Alveraz, Environmental Defense Fund"

*  "Beth Anderson, US EPA"

*   "Tim Anderson, University of Georgia"

*  "Jack Annis, UW-Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center"

*  "Chizuru Aoki, United Nations Environment Programme"
"William C Arble, National Technology Transfer Center"

*  "Mark Arienti, Maine Metal Products Association"

*  "Dana Arnold, US EPA"

                                 *  "Lauranne J. Bailey, SHWEC"

*  "Janice Baker, NorthTec"

*  "Marilyn Bange, Intel Corporation"

* "Thomas Barron, Pollution Prevention Consultant"

*  "Jesse Baskir, Research Triangle Insitiute"

* "Marcus Bass, Occupational Training"

"Cherri Bates, Iowa Department of Natural Resources"

*  "Craig Baugh, Texas Instruments, Inc."

*  "Donald W. Becker, Town of Amherst Engineering Department"

* "Cristopher B. Bedford, Campaign for Zero Discharge"

*  "Dennis Begin, University of Montreal"

*  "Carole O. Bell, SAIC"

*  "Gary Bertram, US EPA"

"Mary Betsch, Westinghouse Hanford Co."

*  "Jim Betschart, Los Alamos National Lab"


*  "William Bilkovich, Environmental Quality Consultants" 
*Michele Blake, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection"

"Tom Blewett, UW-Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center"

*  "Christa Boedigheimer, WA State Department of Ecology"

*  "Rene Boesten, Tebodin Consultants and Engineers"

"Tom Borton, MERRA"
*  "Todd Boucher, ICF Kaiser Hanford Co."

"Lary Boyd, CAMP"
<p2tech-dist@camp.org> or <larry.boyd@camp.org>

*  "Henry Boyter, EARTH TECH"

*  "Steve Brachman, UW-Extension Solid and Hazardous Waste Education

"Bernard Brady, Washington Department of Ecology"

*  "Ryan Brandt, Environmental Specialists"

"Christine A. Branson, Industrial Technology Institute"

*  "Greg Bray, Research Triangle Institute"

*  "Leif Braute, UN Industrial Development Organization"

*  "Sandy Broda, IL Waste Management and Research Center"

"Lisa Brown, EnSafe"

*  "Doug Bunch, World Computer System, Inc."

*  "Bob Burgess, South Carolina Department of Health and Environment"

*  "Ester Burke, IL Waste Management and Research Center"

*  "Parry W. Burnap, Colorado Department of Public Health and

*  "Heri Bustamante, U of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia"

*  "Craig Butler, Ohio EPA, Office of Pollution Prevention"

"Scott Butner, Battelle Seattle Research Center"

"Leslie Byster, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition"

                                 *  "Mike Callahan, Jacobs Engineering"

"Janeth Campbell, Florida Dept. Environmental Protection"
"Jeff Cantin, Eastern Research Group"

*  "Lynne Capehart, University of Florida EADC"

*  "Michael L. Carre, Professional Community Management, Inc."

*  "William J. Celenza, Day & Zimmermann Int'l Inc."

*  "Carl Chandler, Voyager Technologies, Inc."

"Janet Clark, MA Toxics Use Reduction Institue"

"Sally Clement, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences"

"Chad Cliburn, Texas Environmental Assistance Program"

* "Peter Crawford, State of Vermont"

*  "Art Coleman, Ohio EPA"

*  "Karen Colvin, Ohio State University"

*  "Miles Constable, Environmental Canada"

*  "Barbara C. Cooper, Ecologistics Limited"

*  "Ralph E. Cooper, Ph.D., American Insititue of Hazardous Materials

*  "Dean R. Cornstubble, Research Triangle Institute"

"Lynn A. Corson, Indiana P2 and Safe Materials Institute"
"Bruce Cranford DOE-Industrial Waste Program"

"Ann L Cromwell, Oak Ridge National Lab"

"Louis Cujino, SAIC"

"Charlie Cunniff, Environmental Coalition of South Seattle"

"George Cushnie, National Metal Finishing Center"

"Matthew S Custer, Sandia National Lab"
                                 "Lisa D'Agostino, CAMP"
<p2tech-dist@camp.org> or <lisa.dagostino@camp.org>

*  "Rachel Dagovitz, Dagovitz and Associates"

"Eric Dallmann, DOE"

*  "Karen Danart, EPA"

"Lara Dando, Montana Pollution Prevention Program"

"Charlie Davis, Finite Resources, Inc."

*  "Dave Davis, Aberdeen Proving Ground"

"Sherrie Davis, Kansas P2 Institute"

*  "Adrieke de Kraker, CEGESTI (Technology Management Center)"

"Ronald A Del Mar, ICF Kaiser Hanford Co."

*  "Frederick M. DeNorscia, PA Department of Environmental Protection"

*  "Dan Derkics, US EPA"

*  "Angie Dierks, Tellus Institute"

*  "Denis Dionne, Concurrent Technologies Corp."

"Richard Dobbs"

"Doug Dobson, University of South Carolina"

* "Peter Dolan, South Australian Environmental Authority"

* "Rich Dooley, SAIC"

"Lucy Doroshko, MI Dept. of Commerce"

*  "Todd Dorris, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality"

* "Noel Duffy, Cleaner Technology Centre, Ireland"


                                 "Micheal Eck, US Army Environmental Center, P2 Branch"

"Harry W. Edwards, Colorado State University"

*  "Hamdy El-Rayes, El Rayes Environmental Corporation"

*  "Stanley Eller, Center for Technology Transfer"

*  "Jill A. Engel, Pacific northwest NAtional Laboratory"

*  "Lois Epstein, Environmental Defense Fund"

                                 "Ihab H Farag, University of New Hampshire"
*  "Jim Farr, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"

"Andrea Farrell, Delaware Pollution Prevention Program"

*  "Michele Feenstra, Texas A&M University"

*  "Robert L. Fernandez, City of Austin, Texas"

"Pat Fervaro, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition"

*  "Rue Jules Ferry, National Graduate School in Chemical and Process
Engineering, France"

" Wendy Fisher, Georgia Pollution Prevention Assistance Division"

*  "Marianne Fitzgerald, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality"

*  "Wendy Fitzner, MI DNR"

"Marvin Fleischam, UofK Louisville-Chemical Engineering"

*  "John Flowe, Air and Water Quality Division, City of Jacksonville"

*  "Domenic Forcella, Central Connecticut State University"

*  "Laura Ford, Maryland Center for Environmental Training"

* "Gerald Forgnone, Plastic Oil Products"

"Tyrone Foster, NPPR"

*  "Steven Fraleigh, Gensym"

"Debbie Franke, Research Triangle Institute"

*  "Marty Frederick, Indiana Department of Environmental Management"

"Andrea Futrell, Ohio EPA"

                                 *  "Pat Gallagher, Wyoming Pollution Prevention Program"

*  "Robert Gamble, PA Department of Environmental Protection"

"Kavita Gandhi, Information Center for Clearner Technology & Environmental Management, Singapore"

*  "G. Terence Garrahan, U.S. Army Solder Systems Command,
<tgarraha@natick-amed02.army mil>

*  "Adam Garrison, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc."

* "Carol Garrison, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company"

"Danile Q. Garza, CA Dept. of Toxic Substances Control"

"Kevin Gashlin, Aplitech, State College PA"

*  "Georgia Hospitality Environmental Partnership"

* "Kay Gervasi, Broward County Department of Natural Resource Protection"

*  "Abbas Ghassemi, New Mexico State Univeristy, WERC"

*  <agibso@tpp.com>

*  "Jeff Giddings, ENSR Consulting and Engineering"

* "Robert Gifford, SHWEC"

*  "Susan Gilbert-Miller, IL Waste Management and Research Center"

*  "Chuck Gillespie, OPPTA"

"Frances Gilliland, Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District"

"Pawel Gluszynski, Waste Prevention Association, Poland"

*  "Bob Goldberg, WA Department of Ecology"

*  "Terri Goldberg, North East Waste Management Officials Association"

*  "Jorge Froilan Gonzalez, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata"

*  "George Goode, Brookhaven National Lab"

*  "Kathleen E. Gordon, Iowa Waste Reduction Center"

"Peter A. Goudreau, WRATT Foundation, Muscle Shoals, AL"

*  "Zehra Schneider Graham, University of Massachusetts - Boston"

*  "Danielle Green, EPA Great Lakes National Program Office"

* "Kevin Green, Illinois EPA"

*  "Tim Greene, Vanderbilt Center for Environmental Management

"James Greenlee, James D. Greenlee, PE and Associates"

*  "Tim Greiner, Greiner Environmental"

*  "Greg Gresko, VA Department of Environmental Quality"

* "Ginger Griffin, Pollution Prevention Review"

*  "Jennifer Griffith, NEWMOA"

*  "Tom Griffin, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality"

*  "Jennifer L. Guida, Town of Amherst Engineering Department"

* "Thomas Grosvenor, NJ Technical Assistance Program for Industrial

"Richard Grote, TNRCC / OPPR"

"Greg Guenther, UW Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center"

"Gary Gulka, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources"

                                 * "Jeffery D. Halsey, Broward County Department of Natural Resource Protection"

"William Haman, Iowa Energy Center"

"Patty Hancock,"

* "Kay Lampe Hannasch, Ames Laboratory"

* "Maureen Hart, Environmental Consultant"

"Dave Hartley, CA Dept. Toxic Substances Control"

"Janice Hatcher, Georgia Pollution Prevention program"

"Michael J. Hayes, University of Illinois"

"Marcus Healey, NJ Technical Assistance Program"

* "Tom Heathman, Southeast Region for Operational Technologies Corp."

*  "Judy Heiderscheidt, Larimer County Department of Health and Environment"

*  "Nancy Helm, USEPA"

* "Josh Heltzer, Bell Atlantic"

*  "Daniel Herman, Bureau  of Waste Prevention"

*  "Chris Herrick, BellSouth, Atlanta"

*  "Irving Hess"

*  "Beth Hicks, Iowa Department of Natural Resources"

*  "Robert Hitch, Georgia Environmental Partnership"

*  "Larry Homich, US Army Engineer District, Pittsburgh"

"JoAnne Hollash,"

*  "John R. Hornung, Independent Consultant"

"Greg Hume, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences"

"Jan Hyngstrom, Uof NB Lincoln"

                                 * "Richard Illig, PA Department of Environmental Protection"

"Al Innes, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency"

*  "Eva Irwin, Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Inc."

*  "Steve Isaacson, NW Manufacturing Outreach Center"

                                 "Robert Jackson, MI Office of Waste Reduction Services"

* "Judy Jakobsen, Suffolk County Water Authority"

*  "Michael James, James Environmental Services, Round Rock TX"

* "Helen Jervey, Environmental Consultant"

*  "Lisa Jones, US EPA"

*  "Judy Jordan, Deleware MEP"

*  "Ron Joseph, Ron Joseph & Associates"

*  "Joe F. Junker, Industrial Energy Engineer"

                                 *  "Georgia Kagle, PA Department of Environmental Protection"

"Josh Kanner, Abt Associates, Cambridge, MA"

"John Katers, UW Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center"

*  "Michael Keefe, PRC Environmental Management, Inc."

"Judy Kennedy, WASHINGTON Dept. of Ecology"

"Mike Kennicott, Los Alamos National Lab"

"Bob Kerr, Kerr & Associates"

*  "Peter Kidd, Learning Materiasl Consulting Service"

"Doug Kievit-Kylar, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources"

"Unhee Kim, EEI Corporation"

* "Karl Kistler, University of Minnesota"

"Daniel Klempner, CEEES U of Detroit Mercy"

*  "Peggy H. Knight, Harlow Knight Associates"

"Neil Kolwey, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment"

*  "Judy Kowalski, NM Minerals and Natural Resouce Department"

*  "Lin Krause, Ohio EPA"

"Douglas Kretkowski, NJ Technical Assistance Program"

                                 *  "Dan Lando, Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd."

*  "Frank Lanzetta, FAA"

*  "Joseph LaPoint, University of Louisville"

*  "Steve M. Lattanzia, Independent Consultant"

"David F. Lawrence, IN Dept. of Environmental Management"


" Marc Leemans, Public Waste agency of Flanders"

"Robert G. Lehman, WV Industrial Extension Service"

"Brian Leonhard, U of Louisville Industrial Assessment Center"

"Krista Johnsen Leuteritz, NIST"

* "David Leviten, Pacific Northwest P2 Research Center"

"Jeff Lewis, New Jersey Technical Assistance Program"

"Jeff Lewis, OHIO EPA"

"Dina Li, SAIC"

"Frank Libby, Office of Federal Environmental Executives"

"Marianne Lines, Great Lakes P2 Center, Sarnia Ontario"

"Annette Lingleo, IL Small Business Environmental Assistance

"Larry Longworth, CAMP"
<p2tech-dist@camp.org> or <lawrence.longworth@camp.org>

* "Pio Lombardo, Lombardo Associates, Inc."


*  "James Lounsbury, US EPA"

"Robert Ludwig, CA Dept. Toxic Substances Control"

*  "Bob Lundquist, Minnesota Technical Assistance Program"

"Greg Lutchko, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources"

* "Holly Lynch, Environmental & Safety Program for the Institute for Interconnecting & Packaging Electronic Circuits"
<HollyLynch@ipc.org> or <hlynch@sayer.com>

                                 *  "Todd MacFadden, Montana State University Extension"

*  "Melissa Malkin, Research Triangle Institute"

*  "Bill Manz, Ohio Dept. of Defense"

*  "Gary Marchant, Kirkland and Ellis"

*  "John Marchetti, Office of Defense, DOE"

*  "Lee Marchman, City of Jacksonville"

*  "John Marlin, IL Waste Management and Research Center"

"A. Robet Marmo, Aplitech, State College PA"

*  "Eric Masanet, Northwestern University"

"Tom Maves, OHIO EPA"

*  "Duane J. Mazur, The Electrosynthesis Company, Inc."

*  <mccom003@staf.tc.umn.edu>

*  "Kevin McDonald, Northeastern Environmental Design"

"Ken E. McGill, Breed & McGill, L.L.C., Chemical Processing Consultant"

*  "Alice Megna, EnivroSource"

*  "Chris Messner, SAIC"

*  "David Meyer, Ogden Environmental and Energy Services, Inc."

*  "Robert Michalowicz, BOVAR Enivronmental"

"Janet Michel, Lockheed Martin Energy Systems"

*  "Kim Mihalik, SAIC"

*  "Chaz Miller, Recycling Times Newspaper"

*  "Gary Miller, IL Waste Management and Research Center"

*  "Todd Miller, Integrated Metal Technology, Inc."

*  "Bill Minor, Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center"

"Rudy Moehrbach, North Carolina Office of Waste Reduction"

*  "Louis N. Molino, TTI Environmental, Inc."

*  "Esther Monfa, Centre for Cleaner Production Initiaves, Spain"

"Carrie Monosmith, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality"

* "Ken Monroe, Enviro$en$e"

*  "Patricio Gonzalez Morel, Hagler Bailly International -
Environmental Pollution Prevention Project"

*  "Lisa Morrison, IL Waste Management and Research Center"

*  "Scott Morrison, USSC Environmental Specialist"

"Myles Morse, EPA-Pollution Prevention Information Exchange"

* "Ginah Mortensen, Agriculatur Compliance Assistance Center"

*  "Anne Moser, King County Hazardous Waste Library"

*  "Ted W. Moss, Eli Lilly and Co."

*  "Peter T. Moulton, DEP Pollution Prevention"

*  "Dwayne Mundy, North Central Florida Regional Planning Council"

* "Jerry Murphy, Rust Environmental and Infrastructure"

"Robert Mussro, Clemson University"

*  "Elling Myklebust, Lighthouse Communications Group, Ltd."

                                 *  "Bill Nelson, IL Waste Management and Research Center"


"Liz Nevers, UW-Extension Farm Assist Program"

*  "Greg Newman, North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention"

* "Graham Noble, Noble Environmental c.c., South Africa"

*  "David H. Nichols, Westinghouse Hanford"

"Kirk Nofzinger, OHIO EPA"

*  "Steven Nofzinger, Iowa Waste Reduction Center"

"Jim Noonan, IN Source Reduction & Technical Assistance Program"

*  "Coleen Northeim, Research Triangle Institute"

                                 "Kevin Odonnell, Minnesota Technology"

"Kevin Olmstead, University of Detroit mercy"

*  "Brian Olsen, IL EPA Office of P2"

*  "OPPCA, Northwest Region"

"John N. Osborne, California Manufacturing Technology Center"

                                 * "Nikhil Panse, MASS Executive Office of Environmental Affairs"

*  "Rolfe Parsloe, WA Department of Ecology"

*  "Ed Parsons, ConnTAP"

* "Jackie Peden, Illinois Waste Management and Research Center"

*  "Vincent Perelli, NH Dept. of Environmental Services"

"Jerry R. Perrich"

*  "Glen Perrigan, Florida Department of Environmental Protection"

"Alton Peters, Research Triangle Institute"

"Brian Peterson, Hawthorne Inc."

*  "Keith Peterson, Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories"

"Wayne Pferdehirt, UW-Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center"

"Jeff Phillips, WA Dept. of Ecology"

*  "L. Josie Phillips, ORNL"

*  "Jeff Pico, NJ Institute of Technology"

"Tim Piero, Kansas State U P2 Institute"

"Ralph Pike, LSU Chem E"

"Michael Pitcher, Pitcher Environmental Management Party, Ltd., Austrailia"

"National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Office"

*  "Robert B. Pojasek, Cambridge Environmental, Inc."

*  "Caroline Pomeroy, Chicago Manufacturing Center"

*  "Robert Popichak, Dept. of Environmental Protection, PA"

* "Kristen Poultney, NASA Langley Research Center/SAIC"

*  "Richard H. Powell, Dames & Moore"

*  "Duncan Price, Dartford Borough Council, UK"

                                 "Peter Radecki, CenCITT, MTU-Houghton, MI"

"Charley Rains, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality"

*  "Nikole Reaksecker, US EPA"

* "Margaret Reich, Portland, Oregon Environmental Services"

*  "Mark Reider, The Hinsdale Consulting Group"

*  "Rhone Resch, US EPA"

*  "Keith Ridley, Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center"

*  "Cassandra Lee Robertson, Oregon State University"


* "Susan Roothaan, Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission"

* "Glen Rosenhamer, University of Nebraska"

*  "Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot, Process Profiles"

"Christopher B. Roth, Purdue University"

"Richard Rusk, Iowa State University Industrial Assesment Center"

*  "Chris Rust, Environmental Careers Organization"

                                 *  "Mario E. Salazar, US Agnecy for International Development"

*  "Scott Santala, MESA Resources"

*"Scott Santala, NASA / Operations Support Services"

*  "Tom Sargent, Geosyntec Consultants"

*  "William Sarnecky, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality"

*  "Anthony Sasson, OHIO EPA"

*  "Kenneth J. Saulter, Midwest Manufacturing Technology Center"

"Paul Saunders, Jefferson County Department of Health and

* "John Scarboro, Florida Department of Environmental Protection"

*  "Alexander Schmidt, Kommunalkredit"

*  "Andrew Schmidt, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments"

*  "Carol Schmidt, WI Department of Natural Resources"

*  "Hans Schnitzer, University of Technology"

"Geogg Sclare, Environmental Protection Authroity, South Austrilia"

*  "Chris Schroeder, Lincoln Landcaster County Health Department"

*  "Michael Schultz, University of Massachusettes, Amherst"

*  "Jeff Seadon, UNITEC Institute of Technology"

* "Jackie Sellers, University of Georgia"

"Katie Sewell, IDAHO P2 Program"


"Eileen Sheehan, US EPA"

*  "Kent Shelman, Mid-america Manufacturing Technology Center"

*  "Nirav Sheth, Details, Inc."

*  "Johnette Shockley, US Army Corps of Engineers"

*  "Marc Siegel, University of California"

"John Siemak, California MTC"

"Julie Sieving, Colorado State University"

"Margarida Carvalho e Silva, University Catolica Portuguesa"

"Mike Simek, Rutgers University"

*  "Bill Simon, Mobil Oil Corporation"

*  "Suzanne Simoni, PA Department of Environmental Resources"

"Anita Singh, MI Department of Environmetal Quality"

"Tim Sisson, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences"

*  "Joe Smith, Foss Environmental Services"

*  "Vanessa Smith, Ohio EPA -- OPP"

*  "Pete Smullen, Conneticut State Technology Extension Program"

"Rodney Sobin, Concurrent Technologies"

"Bill Sonntag, National Association of Metal Finishers"

"Pradeep Srivastava, City of Detroit POTW"

* "Robert Stea, NC Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources"

*  "John Steinauer, Lincoln Landcaster County Health Department"

*  "Laurie Stevenson, Small Business Assistance Office, OH EPA"

*  "Kenny D. Steward, Pollution Prevention Pantex Plant"

*  "Jay Stimmel, Los Alamos National Lab"

*  "Chris Stinson, University of Texas, Austin"

"Karen Sundheim, USEPA Region 9"

"Victoria Sutton, Washington State Department of Ecology"

*  "John Svalina, US Army Material Command"

*  "David Swanson, Boulder County Health Department"

"Brian Sweeney, NIST Manufacturing Extension Program"

* "Jason Sysak, University of Florida Industrial Assessment Center"

                                 *  "Steven W. Taglang, PA Department of Environmental Protection"

"Joy Taylor, MI DNR"

"Linda Taylor, NC State University, Industrial Extension Office"

* "John Thom, Concurent Technologies Corporation"

*  "David Thomas, IL Waste Management and Research Center"

*  "John Thompson, Central States Education Center"

*  "Albert Tieche, UT CIS"

*  "Richard Tieder, MI Technological University"

"Ben Torreon, US Army Center for Health Promotion, Aberdeen"

*  "Loren C. Trick, Maxim Technologies"

*  "David Triplett, Strategic Technologies and Resources, Ltd."

"Tim Tuominen, Western Lake Superior Sanitary District"
*  "Christine Twait, Iowa Waste Reduction Center"

                                 *  "Chris van Atten, Abt Associates"

*  "Paul VanHollebeke, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources"

*  "Kirsten Vice, H.A. Simons Ltd.

*  "Kent Vincent, Chicago Manufacturing Center"

"Michael Vogel, Montana State University Extension"

"Jeff Voorhis, Texas Department of Natural Resources"

                                 "Pam Walkenbach, U of IL Cooperative Extension"

*  "Langdon S. Warner, PhD., University of South Carolina"

*  "Steve Warner, IL Waste Management and Research Center"

"Alison Watkins, ReTAP"

"Amy Whitehead, CAMP"
<p2tech-dist@camp.org> or <amy.whitehead@camp.org>

*  "David Wigglesworth, ALASKA P2 Program"

*  "Tom Wildoner, Tobyhanna Army Depot"

"David Williams, NC Office of Waste Reduction"

*  "Frankie Wood-Black, Phillips Petroleum, Woods Cross Refinery"

"WRITAR (Waste Reduction Institute for Training and Applications

*  "Jack Wysoczanski, Anchor Hocking Packaging Company"

                                 *  "Alan Yen, AFY Inc."


*  "Vic Young, Waste Reduction Resource Center, Raleigh NC"

                                 *  "Paul Zakriski, BR Goodrich Research & Development Center"

"Ellen Zimmer, NW-WI Manufacturing Outreach Center"

*  "Donald Zimmerman, Colorado State Technical Journalism"

*  "Karl Zollner, Michigan DNR-P2 Section"