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From: Holly Lynch <hlynch@sayer.com>
To: "'p2tech@great-lakes.net'" <p2tech@great-lakes.net>
Subject: RE: Electronic Industry Scrap

Kevin --

I am Director of Environmental Programs for the Institute for
Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits - the national trade
association representing the printed wiring board and assembly industries.
The majority of our members send their off-spec PWBs to smelter for
reclamation of the copper and precious metals.  In addition, there is a
growing number of private companies that specialize in the disassembly and
resale of used computers and computer parts.  

What type of recycling information are you looking for?  reclamation or reuse?  

If you want reclamation information, I can canvass some of my members.  If
you are seeking reuse information, I urge you to contact Grant Guilbeault at
Reclamation Technologies.  His email is grant.guilbeault@rectech.com

Hope this helps!

Holly Lynch, IPC

From: 	Kevin Gashlin[SMTP:kgashlin@nttc.edu]
Sent: 	Thursday, January 02, 1997 3:39 PM
To: 	p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject: 	Electronic Industry Scrap

I'm looking for corporate, public or private ventures currently recycling
"electronic scrap" such as:
- integrated circuits
- printed circuit boards (PCBs)
- cathode ray tubes (CRTs) 

Any referrals are welcomed.

Kevin Gashlin
National Technology Transfer Center