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Printing List Servers

Below is an announcement of a new email list that is for printers
and others in the printing industry interested in pollution prevention.
This list difference from existing lists on pollution prevention and
printing in two ways: 
1) it is targeted at printers and others in the industry.  The goal is to
promote discussion about pollution prevention among the members
of the industry.
2) it is specifically for the Northeast region of the US (New England,
New York and New Jersey.

This announcement is being sent to this list because we would like
to get the word out to printers in the Northeast.  Please pass this
information on to anyone in the printing industry that you 
know who might be interested in subscribing.

Thank you!
Maureen Hart (mhart@tiac.net)
NEWMOA (NorthEast Waste Management Officials' Association)
617-367-8558 x308

Announcing P2PRINT, an electronic mailing list on pollution prevention
(P2) in the printing industry.  The list is for printing professionals in the
northeastern United States interested in reducing or eliminating the use of
toxics in printing.  Unlike existing email lists like PRINTECH, which are
for P2 professionals assisting people in industry, P2PRINT is a forum for
the printers themselves.   The goal of P2PRINT is to help printers help
each other find answers to questions about environmental issues related to
printing.  This list will allow them to exchange information on experiences
that they have implementing pollution prevention.  The types of topics that
will be discussed on the list include: 

  - less toxic alternatives to existing inks
  - substitutions for existing cleaning solutions
  - ways to handle cleaning rags
  - managing hazardous or non hazardous printing wastes,
  - questions about new, existing or proposed environmental regulations
  - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on printing materials
  - questions about new techniques, processes, or equipment related to P2
in printing
  - training or upcoming meetings where pollution prevention in printing
will be a topic

In addition to printers in the northeastern United States, P2PRINT
subscribers include other professionals who work with the printing industry
such as environmental assistance providers, trade association staff, printing
industry suppliers, and staff from federal and state environmental
compliance and environmental regulatory programs.  These other
professionals provide expertise to answer specific questions when

The region covered by P2PRINT is the northeastern United States,
specifically Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New
Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont, the area served by
NEWMOA. P2PRINT has a regional focus to keep the list from becoming
too cumbersome particularly since regulations vary greatly from one state
to another.  

P2PRINT is managed by the Northeast Waste Management Official's
Association (NEWMOA) under a grant from the US Environmental
Protection Agency.  Email list support is provided by the Great Lakes
Information Network (GLIN).  However, the subscribers of the list are "in
charge" of the list.  The subscribers' questions and answers provide the
main method of exchanging information.  In addition, NEWMOA staff will
try to find answers for questions that do not generate answers from the list
members.  This may include contacting national P2 printing experts as well
as forwarding messages to national P2 and printing lists. Individual
subscribers may put their name and address on messages that they send to
the list or subscribers can submit questions confidentially.  In order to
maintain confidentiality, a list of subscribers is not available.

There is no charge to join P2PRINT.  Anyone interested in pollution
prevention and printing issues in the Northeast can subscribe to the list by
sending an email message to 
Include your name, email address and interest in P2 and printing in the

Questions about P2PRINT should be addressed to the P2PRINT list
manager, Maureen Hart.  She can be reached at NEWMOA, 129 Portland
Street, Suite 601, Boston, MA 02114-2014, (617)367-8558 x308 or at