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affirmative procurement products -Reply

Dina Li inquired about information on recycled content construction products, particularly those products designated
by the U.S. EPA.


Please assure your client that EPA does not designate items unless we have information from other agencies and/or
private sector purchasers that the products work.  The information includes a track record of purchasing and using
the products and the existance of specifications for the designated items.  We like to refer to ASTM, ANSI, or other
national consensus specifications but, in the absence of these, refer agencies to specifications developed by
government agencies that actually are purchasing the products.  The EPA guidelines reference the relevant

In the case of carpet, the U.S. General Services Administration had been specifying and purchasing the product, and
we referred agencies to GSA's schedules.  We have not designated roofing materials, but we have designated
insulation and paperboard products that having roofing system applications.  Again, we provided references to
relevant specifications.  And our background documents, which can be found in the dockets for our designations
contain further information.

Please feel free to contact me or refer your client to me if you have additional questions.

Dana Arnold

>>> "DINA LI" <DLI@lan828.ehsg.saic.com> 01/03/97 10:25am >>>
happy new year! I'm trying to obtain copies of any research that may 
have been conducted to test and evaluate the long-term performance of 
construction products (e.g., carpeting, roofing materials)  made with recycled products.  A federal agency 
I'm assisting is reluctant to purchase the products without reviewing 
data that shows the products actually work.  I obtained a copy of the 
EPA's publication on construction products with recycled products, 
and I guess I could call all of the many vendors listed, but I was 
wondering if any non-profit organizations had done some independent 
testing.  Thanks.

Dina Li
Pollution Prevention Specialist
11251 Roger Bacon Dr, Reston, VA  20190
(703) 318-4603 fax (703) 736-0826