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No Subject

From: <rtgriffin@deq.state.va.us> (R. Thomas Griffin)
to:    p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject: P2 Employee Incentive Programs     

P2 Tech-sters:
I've forwarded the attached question from one of our colleagues.  Please 
respond directly to her if you can help, but copy me at 

Thanks, Tom Griffin, VA DEQ

   -------------------------- [Original Message] -------------------------      
I am interested in hearing about Pollution Prevention Employee Incentive 
Programs being used by private businesses or public institutions that 
have been used successfully to eliminate pollutants, to reduce waste, 
etc. If you know of any publications that describe the essence of such 
programs or if you have first hand knowledge of such a program, I would 
like to hear from you.  Please respond to me via email, telephone, or 
fax as shown below.


Marolyn J. Parson, Ph.D.
Pollution Prevention Specialist
Manufacturing Technology Center
540-223-4850 FAX